Monday, January 30, 2006

Pictures and Puke...not in that order.

Today has been the day of pictures and puke...First, puke...boy oh boy the morning sickness reared it's ugly head today and I was sick twice this AM. Kate kept yelling at Clair to get out of the bathroom or she would get the "throw up cold" too. Kate wouldn't come near me all morning. I guess her bout with the flu in Texas was enough throwing up for her. I told her it was because I was preg. but I guess she still thinks she might get the "throw-up cold" again!
Despite my horrible morning, I did have an appointment to get the girls pictures done at the Picture People (free pictures...I'm there!) Anyway, the apt was at 11:40, but I still had to go and get them shoes. So, we left around 10:15 and found the almost perfect shoes...I was hoping for red ones but settled for some darling white ones... at payless. Then I stopped and got a little snack from a place which small remain nameless, since I am ashamed taht is what I wanted at 10:30 in the AM. Then we went and got our pictures made. The girls looked SO cute in the darling dresses KT got them for Christmas. Everyone in the mall kept smiling and pointing at them. They really looked cute. The pictures turned out pretty cute, but the ones I liked best had a green background...not my fav. So, I settled for the green background and the really cute picture...look for your in the mail. Anyway, after pictures we met up with our realtor Ms. Connie for lunch. While we were at lunch, Kate said, "Ms. Connie, when you are looking for a house is it really all about, LOCATION< LOCATION< LOCATION!" She had heard that saying on one of her shows this morning. I thought Ms. Connie was going to fall over laughing. She told Kate it is sure was and then also pluged her office saying by telling Kate that "service, service, service" is also important. Kate looked up at me and in a quiet voice said, "What is service." But of course Ms. Connie heard and she laughed. I explained it and then Kate, "And what is location?" She is too funny. Ms. Connie also was asking what the girls wanted the baby to be a boy or girl. Kate said, "It's a boy." Clair said "baby". (She usually says girl or sister, she was playing it safe today!) Then Kate said, "If it is a boy I will be SO happy, but if it is a girl...I will be DANG MAD!" This really got Ms. Connie laughing, because we both expected her to say "But if it is a girl that is ok too." But not Kate. She rarely says the expected.
So, that's our Monday. Puke and pictures...and funny Kate sayings!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

January is almost gone....

Wow how does a month go by so fast. I had forgotten about the blog and while I was talking with Maria she mentioned the blog. So for the past few minutes I read all of the entries. Clair is doing great. Her Oma and Opa are really proud of her. They say when the baby becomes potty trained then their getting out of the way for another baby. I guess in this case she really is getting ready for the new arrival. Kate is growing big and she's just to smart. I am excited that she's getting to go to pre-school again this semester. Her dad told me that she was able to write her name and that she was recognizing letters, that is great.

The picture of TJ was just to cute. He did look like a jail bird. He's another smart big for his own good.

I know Katie has been stressed, I've talk with her several times and she really has it all together but others around her keep her stressed plus she has some concerns about their system. But hey, we're talking KATIE here....she is good at faking her way through anything but she won't have to fake anything...Everything will be just fine.

Jessica has started teaching...she has shared some of her experiences with us....they are too funny. Hearing her talk was like listening to Maria!!! Wow what head strong women we have raised!!

I hope you all were able to attend your Stake Conference via the satellite. I really felt that this technique was really great. It was fun to go to church and to hear the speakers from the west directed to just us. And the messages were all so good. I had bits of inspiration while I listened. Dad and I were discussing it on the way home, can you imagine the amount of money that was saved by members and the Church by doing this. Ususally for us we make about 3 trips to the Stake Center in Martinez in the weekend that is scheduled for Stake Conference. This time we made two, but we didn't have to go back over there this mornings plus we got to sleep in.

Well, I just wanted you know that I have read your postings. Keep it up and know that I love you.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jailhouse Rock

Last night when TJ woke up from his evening nap we went into his room to find him pulled up against the rails trying to figure out how to escape. He looked just like a jail bird. What is even more hilarious is the fact that he was using his passie to clank against the bars, kind of like the men in jail do with their cups. He is too cute. I hope you will enjoy the picture. We love you all. I am assuming that everyone has Stake Conference this weekend and is getting to listen to the broadcast from Salt Lake. I know mom and dad's stake is participating. What about KT and Stephen? Jessica is the singles ward having Stake Conference with the Columbia Stake. Let me know, what you think. We love you all.


The Fam in Norf Chucktown

PS Roz- I found some forks at Fred's and they were 4 for a dollar. So I bought enough and Tyler bent them for me. We had to bend them a little bit differently because they are cheap forks, but they turned out cute. Thanks for the idea.

PPS I am looking for BUG (cartoonish) themed things for TJ's birthday party!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Posting Pics

I finally found my cables for my camara, but I still can't post pictures on the blog! I will try to send some pics to Stephen to post. However, he is pretty busy, so any one with some free time that wants to post pics for me let me know and I will forward them to you to post. Sorry guys. The blog doesn't like my pictures! :(

Clair the Big Girl....almost!

On Saturday we started the no pants method. My Grandma informed me "That is how the Mesicans do it." Well, the "Mesicans" have something. The first day was a little touch and go, but after that it went better then I thought. By Monday she had no accidents (well, until after dinner and her big reward cake with a candle for having no accidents...after that she peed twice on the floor, but hey, she got her cake. Sound familiar Tyler?) Anyway, the problem seems to be the transition to panties. We took a day off of the no pants method yesterday so she could play downstairs and be like a normal kid. We started back today and it is going really well. I think I will try a day with panties but no pants (or rubber pants) so if she has an accident it is still obvious. I guess Rome wasn't built in a day and Clair, well, obviously she won't be potty trained in a day...week, or month! I am also running out of ideas of things to do in the kitchen to keep her pre-occupied. Poor kid...she is getting kitchen fever!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday Night In the ATL

I'm back in Atlanta for more training. Of course several things fell apart and I wasn't there to deal with them directly. Trying to "fight fires" over a cell phone is not fun.

We open on Monday and I'm so nervous. I guess I'll know how Mom felt when we were growing up...hearing my name 15 times every minute.

I'm excited to see Jessica's play and to take her to lunch for her birthday. That will be a fun weekend. Creighton and I will be really busy that day. We've got that World Wide leadership broadcast that morning. But I'm sure we'll figure out a way to see it and to see Jessica's play.

Well not much time. Tons to do and deal with....I'll write more later. :)


Well today our family made a trip to the Social Security office to get TJ's SS card. When he was born the hospital said they were applying for one for him and even gave me a copy of the paper that said it had been applied for. SO... here we are 7 months later and NO SS card. We need his # for our taxes, so we went to their office to get the print out of his # and after waiting an hour and a half the lady tells us that TJ was never even issued a #. SO... it will be 6 weeks. Since he was never issued a # that means Trident Hospital didn't do what they said they were going to do, and the interesting thing is that while we were at the SS office two other girls were there with their babies and they had not recieved their babies cards either and guess where their children were born? Yep, Trident. I am ticked. I will be calling them today. I just wanted to let you know our frustrating day. On a good note, TJ has cut his first tooth. Right now it is just a little rough ridge sticking through but WHITE as can be. He is growing up too fast.

Love you all


PS I hope you all got the birthday email!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Green in Georgia

Hello Family!
I don't know about the rest of you, but I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of things! Anyway, I finally called the doctor and I have an apt. for Friday, Jan 27. So, I should have a due date by then. I am already going to start bugging him about setting a date for the C-section and setting it at least 3 weeks early! I don't know why my babies are so anxious to get here and get going! :)
Other than that, I am doing ok. I feel pretty sick (ie the Title) but have yet to actually hurl! I am sure that is bound to happen!
Stephen is very busy at work. The crap had hit the fan with a few customers and he is having to save GE butt single handily (it seems).
Kate starts pre-school next week and she is SO excited! She woke up this morning with a little runny nose and wanted to spend the day in bed!
Clair is still wetting more pairs of panties than a old women with incontinence. (I am sure that is spelled wrong, but you get the idea!) I am trying very hard to be calm about it. But I've had to do laundry EVERY night this week, just so she has enough panties to pee through the next day! Oh, the joy of it all! This one WILL be potty trained before the new baby comes!
Well, that is the up date on the Bright's in GA. I hope you are all well. We also hope to see you all sometime in the next month. We are VERY excited to come and see JEssica's play! Kate has been carrying around the postcard since the day it came! :)
Love you all!

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Recovery

Tyler is doing so well with his recovery, I can't even believe that he had surgery on Thursday. Thanks, mom and dad for coming down and taking care of TJ. I really appreciated that. Sitting at the hospital for 6 hours would not have been very enjoyable for my active little guy. TJ is loving his walker, it gives him the freedom he wants. Right now TJ and I are exiled to the computer room and living room, trying to be quiet so that Tyler can continue his recovery (mostly so he can sleep off the drugs). I hope everyone will have a wonderful week. Congrats Stephen and Rosalind. We can't wait.

Love ya

Maria (Tyler, and TJ too)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How to get a new brother...

I have to share something with you that Kate told Stephen today. She was snuggling with him and said, "Dad I know how we can get a baby brother. You just need to whisper to mom's belly and then a baby brother will get in there." Too funny! We asked her who told her that and she wouldn't say, which most likely means, she came up with it on her own! Anyway...We'll let you know if that works! :)

Jessica, it has been fun talking with you...keep calling! And remember what I said!

KT, thanks for visiting us last night. As usual, I love your company and wish like crazy we still lived closer.

Maria and Tyler, good luck with the surgery. I hope it goes well. I have heard this is a tough one, so hang in there!

Mom and safe!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thanks for the QUOTE-- Mom

I am thankful for my ability to choose my attitude. Living in North Chucktown, we have been thrown right into the middle of the ghetto, and we find that people are often looking for a reason to FIGHT. We are frustrated that a small trip to Wal-Mart or A.C. Moore turns into a heated contentious moment. My neighbor, Laura, came over yesterday to return our house key (from over Christmas break) she relayed a story of an incident that happened to her the day before in the Wal-Mart parking lot. She was a witness to a beating (3 black males on1 white male). The fight had started over the three standing in the middle of the lane and the one trying to drive around them. It frustrates me so much that people have lost the sense of community. Even the police officer didn't seem REAL concerned (Laura was shocked). In this crazy, fast paced world it is hard sometimes to keep in mind that we are ALL Heavenly Father's children (even the ones who act the fool). Remember that we were all in the pre-existence together and we all chose to follow Heavenly Father's plan to come to Earth. So that must mean that at one time these people who drive us mad and heat up our tempers were on the same side we were and they too fought against Satan. It just seems they are having a hard time fighting him here. I love you all and I am thankful for your examples.



I love this statement

Our Actions Determine Our Character"In today's fast-paced world there seems to be a greater tendency for people to act aggressively toward each other. Some are quick to take offense and respond angrily to real or imagined affronts, and we've all experienced or heard reports of road rage or other examples of rude, insensitive behavior."Unfortunately, some of this spills over into our homes, creating friction and tension among family members."It may seem natural to react to a situation by giving back what is given to us. But it doesn't have to be that way. Reflecting on his horrendous wartime experiences, Viktor Frankl recalled: 'We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof thateverything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms--to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way' (Man's Search for Meaning [1985], 86)."Topics: character, contention( Elder Wayne S. Peterson, "Our Actions Determine Our Character," Ensign, Nov. 2001, 83)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Katie's Monday Post (1/9)'s Monday with precisely nine minutes left in the day and here I am posting. It's been popping up on my task list all day...ugh!

Today was so busy. We finally moved into the modular unit today. I was prepared for the worst. I mean a complete melt-down. However, I don't think that it could have gone more smoothly. The phones were up by 10 am and we were all reprogrammed by 3 pm. The network was up by noon. I was so happy with how well things went. I don't even feel bad that I'm in Atlanta tonight for some training and meetings over the next couple of days.

By the way our splash page is up so check it out at Keep checking back since we're almost ready to launch the real website.

Oh! Here's the best part about the modular. The sewer isn't hooked up yet. So we have a FABULOUS port-a-potty. It has a vanity which makes it ok. You have to flush the potty with a pump that you step on. Also that's how you get water to wash your hands. No! Not in the same bowl. I can hear Daddy asking the question! We put a ghetto padlock on it to keep the construction workers out of it. Bleck!

In other news. We finally got all the Christmas decorations down. They are living in the spare room upstairs. We're waiting to put them in the attic until we get the pulldown installed.

Last Sunday was my first Sunday as the RS Secretary. It was so much easier than the last ward I was in when I was the secretary. All it did was remind me what an organized ward I grew up in. I'm sure Mom and Dad have stories to tell, but I was once again grateful for growing up in a ward that did things right....99% of the time!!

I better go. It's midnight now and I have a class at 8:30. TTYL!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

So far behind & such a large behind...

from all the yummy holiday food! Two very bad problems here! Here is an up-date on our holiday travels! (Most likely more than you really want to know...but I'm up for some sharing!)

Our trip to Texas went well. It was very fun and kind of restful. We got to do some fun things, but we really spent a lot of time just hanging about the house, which isn't really like my family. I guess we are all getting old. We did venture out a few times for dinner. We went to the AMAZING San Antonio temple as a family. It was so nice to be there with all of us...minus the kids of course! It was really a great experience. Then, one day we drove to Buda, Texas and went to this really cool sporting goods store called Cabellas. It was awesome. They had all these stuffed animals set up in museum like exhibits. The girls really enjoyed it. They we ate lunch there and then we went to Joels house for a night of games. We got more games then we had time to play, but we did try!

Speaking of what we usual, Santa was good to us. The girls LOVED their Jack-in-the boxes! They still laugh like mad folk everytime the character pops up! You would think after a million times it wouldn't be amusing anymore...but no...I guess that's why that toy is a classic! They also totally enjoyed their box of dress up clothes and wigs. (Well, we all kind of got into the wigs!) Anyway, I have some really cute pictures, and will post them ASAP. Stephen got lots of tools, some clothes, a few movies, several gift cards, and a subscription to the German Liahona. I got more clothes than I know what to do with, and I also got a few books, a new over the range microwave, and a CD player for my kitchen (and other coool nick-nacks)! It was a great Christmas. It was a great week.

My dad got sick in the middle of the week with the stomach flu. Kate got it a few days later...New Years Eve. So our New Years was spent holding a puke bucket under Kate's chin. It was not the most fun New Years, but the poor kid was real sick. About 8:30 PM she jumped up and said, "I feel so much better." and from then on she was better. She did complain about sore legs and back, but I am sure she was sore from all the throwing up!

We left on Sunday the 1st. That night we stoped in LA. It was a rough night for Clair and she tossed and turned in the bed next to me all night. The following morning we got up and started the end of our trip. All was well until we got to the west side of Atlanta, and then I started to feel really sick. I basicly willed myself to not throw up. Once we got home, I brought in two laods of stuff before I started puking and I didn't stop for about 18 hours! Stephen got sick around 10:00 PM and around 2:00 AM Clair came stumbling into our room covered in vomit...head to toe, shaking like a leaf...poor girl! It looked like a puke bomb went off in her was all over the post of the bed and even on the wall next to her bed. I had to give her a shower, wash her hair three times, wash her clothes, strip her bed, wash all her blankets, clean the bed off, clean the walls, (throw away her pillow) and do all this while making tips to the bathroom so I too could be sick! It was not a fun evening. We put Clair in the bed with us. Luckily she only throw up one more time and then slept like a LOG the rest of the night. However, Stephen & I didn't sleep at all. Up and down, we both took turns trying to get comfortable on the floor, or next to Clair, or all of us in the bed at once. It was a nightmare. When Kate woke up the next morning, she aksed if I was feeling better, and I said no, Daddy is sick now and Clair too. Kate ran into her room and started to cry because she said it was all her fault that we were sick! Poor kid! We told her not to worry that sometimes there is nothing you can do.

Anyway, we are doing better. We are still a litttle sore, and still a little tired, but we are much better. Now to unpack and get this house in order! A womens job is NEVER done! We hope you are all well. We look forward to seeing you all again.

Love you all!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My What A Big Boy You Have!

TJ is really growing. Yesterday, Jan.3rd, was his 6 month check up. The doctor says he is doing great. In fact he said that we don't have to come back until his 12 month check up (unless he is sick). I was shocked. He said that they don't like to keep bringing the babies back in when they are doing fine, because it only increases the chance of them picking up something from someone else. So we are cool with that. We just hope he doesn't get sick. TJ now weighs 16.5 lbs and is 26.5 inches long. He is so big. After the checkup, he had his shots. He had to have three, two were just regular immunization shots and the third was 1/2 a flu shot, I have to take him back in 6 weeks to get the other 1/2. He was a champ (not like his mom). He only cried with the initial stick and then he was fine. I was so proud of him, I wish I could be that brave. I am getting better though, I mean hey I had an epidural! YEAH, that is a HUGE needle! Okay, so here on the homefront, we have the Smith/Jenkins clan coming in this weekend for a Christmas visit. We are excited, but I am a little stressed. I really want my house to be ship shape when they get here. I started in the kitchen today, and let me just say that between the laundry and TJ, I didn't exactly get EVERYTHING done that I wanted to get done today. Oh, well there is always tomorrow. Well I hate to drag this out forever. I just wanted to touch basis with you guys. Tyler goes in on Monday for his pre-op appointment and then Thursday is his surgery. Thank goodness mom and dad are coming to watch TJ. Please think of Tyler on Thursday and me too, I am really scared and anxious about the whole procedure. We love you all. Take care!

Maria, Tyler, and the BIG little man TJ

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Question of the Week

Granola Bar Boxes

Maria needs snacks for all the students going on a field trip. She bought 9 boxes of granola bars containing a total of 88 bars. She wanted variety, so she purchased 3 different flavors, which happened to come from 3 different companies. The almond chunky granola bars were packaged 8 to a box, the chewy chocolate chip bars came 10 to a box, and the super special raisin nut package contained 12 per box. She bought the most boxes of almond chunky but had the most raisin nut bars.

How many boxes of each flavor did she buy?

View Comments to see the answer.

Katie's Monday Post...on Tuesday..again (1/3)

Well this has been a fun week and weekend. Creighton left work early on Friday and we had our friend Shannon over to watch movies. Though we didn't watch them, we just talked and ate leftover Christmas pies.

Shannon and I went to the Outlet Mall in Gaffney on Saturday. That was her first shopping trip to the mall. We had fun! I was in search of a new black blazer but found (instead) two pairs of pants, two tops, and some other various and sundry items at the GAP. Eeeeeeeeek! Creighton said that he should have reported our card stolen when I was out of sight! LOL!

We also went to Sushi Wasabi for dinner on Saturday night. It's a great sushi place in Downtown Greenville. It's pretty cheap and so yummy! We had a great time.

Saturday night was a rocking good married people's New Year's! When we got home from Sushi Wasabi, Creighton proceeded to play Warcraft and I watched some stuff I had TiVo'ed. Then at about 5 minutes 'til midnight, I broke out the champagne flutes and we had a "sparkling grape juice" toast at midnight. I took pictures, but didn't post them because....let's face it....that's just kind of sad. Really, though, we had a great time just hanging out and being together.

Creighton was sick on Sunday so he slept most of the day. Must have been all the rambunctious partying on Saturday night.

Monday was a very fun day. I got the New Year off to the right start by attending a 9:30 am Step & Sculpt class. I'm pretty sure the instructor was trying to kill me....personally. At one point, I thought, "I can't breathe, I'm light-headed, my face is so red I look like someone just told a dirty joke....I should just put up my step and go home." But I stuck it out and she even ended 5 minutes early. I did not complain.

Then we proceeded to undo all the good I had just done by having "lunch" at IHOP! LOL! I only ate half of the omelet....does it still count if you don't eat all of it? LOL!!!! Later, that day at Sam's, (I've been watching too many movies) I dropped some coin on new tires for the Acura. Boy did it need them! Who knew tires could make such a difference?

Seriously, I'm sooooooooooo back on the WW-train today. So far today I've had 3 points. That's really good considering I had a car battery crisis this morning. UGH!

Speaking of....a very nice young gentleman named Efrae helped me get the car started this morning.

He said, "You have children?"
Me, "Oh no. Not yet. Soon, though we hope."
Then proceeded to ask me "You're single?"
I'm like, "Um, no, I'm married. Are you married?"
Efrae, "Oh no, I single. I been here in America, single, for two year. I think all American women are so beautiful."
Katie, "Wow, yeah, I never thought about that before. I think my friend Jose's sister is really pretty and she is from Spain. But they live near the Mediterranean so they're all tan and stuff all the time. Do you like the beach?"
Efrae, "You are beautiful American woman."
Katie, "Well, thank you. I appreciate that. I think my husband thinks so, too." [Thinking: Did I mention that he could squish your scrawny butt in two seconds?], "Well, thanks for your help? Can I pay you?"
Efrae, "Oh no you don't pay..."
[Shaking hands]
Efrae, "Friends?"
Katie, "Yes. Friends" [Thinking: Please God, don't let him strangle me with the jumper cables and stuff me in the storm drain behind the garage.]

Ok, well, obviously I made it to work. But if you don't hear from me in a couple of days, send a search party and check the storm drain first!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Christmas in the Keys and New Years in Charleston

WOW~ We had a great trip to the Keys and it sure was a lot of fun to be with Tyler's family. Neil, Anna, Tyler, and I always have such a great time together. Remind me to tell you all the "Pork and Peaches" story sometime (KT knows what I am talking about). It makes me laugh just typing it. Although the Keys were gorgeous, we were very ready to get home. Our trip was long but not too bad. TJ was a real trooper. I am proud of him and Tyler, bless his soul, did MOST of the driving. I always just KICKED into the driveway. I will say one of the best parts of our vacation was the fact that Tyler and I got to spend so much time together. That was fun. We even got back in town to have a few more days together before he had to be back at work (he returns to work tomorrow). We are still working on TJ's sleeping schedule, it took a hit with all the sleeping in the car. He is growing more and more everyday. For the New Year we went over to the Murray's (Angela and Lewis). Bryson, Wendi, Bailey, Carrie, and Radge (her "friend") were also there. We had a blast. I will say this was the first time I really got to talk with and got to know Wendi. She is really a sweet girl and a wonderful mother to Bailey. We rang in the New Year and then fought the fog home. It was a fun LATE night, we haven't seen a late night by choice in a LONG time. I sure am glad friends and family are so near right now. Tyler and I often talk about leaving Charleston and heading overseas. I know it will be fun, but I will miss everyone. Okay, I have attached a picture of us and The Franklin clan at the Southernmost Point of the Continental US. That was a great day! I love you all! HAPPY NEW YEAR and good luck with your resolutions!


The Franklins