Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Since every one is so excited about adding pictures I'll add my favorite new picture too. Oh it is so nice to be a Tiger fan these days. By the way for all of my Shamecock friends, THIS IS NEXT YEAR!!!

New Discovery

Our little man is learning and discovering new things each day. The other night in the tub, he found something NEW on his own body. I am sure you all know exactly what NEW thing he has found. He is too cute.

We are still dealing with a snotty nose, and he is sleeping not so great at night. I think it is TEETHING time. Oh, well.

Oh yeah, I got the email about FAMILY pics at Casadei's. Mom, I thought we were doing the wear a black shirt for adults and children wear white. If that has changed to holiday attire that is cool. We can do that also.



Monday, November 28, 2005

List of Gifts???

I don't get that magazine anymore I think I let my subscription run out. So KT if you don't mind post it to the blog page or send it to me in an email.

I hope all of you received my email this morning....I totally forgot about the blog and posting comments there so....I'm slow.

I went to the ENT, Doctor Sklizovic, this morning. He says I have inflammation in the nose, throat and sinus area and has put me on Levaquin antibiotic for 10 days. At the end of the 10 days I am to go back for him to look further into my chronic cough that day says I have. He also thinks that my problem of having a hard time swallowing is from acid reflux. Which is what I had determined it was. Also he told me to take my calcium tablets one 30 minutes after breakfast and one 30 minutes after lunch, he says it acts like an antacid. I am to have a chest X-ray and an esophagus imaging too, on Dec 5.

Dad went to the dermatologist and had several places burned off of his head....None were cancerous. She did it with liquid nitrogen, he's resting 'cause he said it has made his head hurt all that stinging on top of his head.

I enjoyed the picture of the Franklin Family and of the Grandchildren with Frosty and Worm. Those pics were so very cute of course they are saved in my picture file. Thanks!! And I did click on the pics and they do get big.

Well, I have lots to do I am going to try to get some Christmas up around this house. It isn't as much fun knowing you guys won't be seeing it but then as Dad asked....."What am I?" So I need to decorate for him.

Take and I'll look for you guys on the Bright Bits Blog.

Love, Mom

Question for the Week

I thought it might be fun to have a question for the week...every once in a while. Here is a fun one to get us in the Holiday mind can hit the comment button under the post so all the comments will be together!

Here it is...
What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?


Since we are all new to this, I just thought I'd post a little fact I learned about our BLOGG! Did you know if you click on a pic it will make it larger for you to view it? I always post my pics small because that is the ONLY way I can get them to post! So, it is nice to be able to enlarge them for easier viewing! Anyway...happy BLOGGING!

Tis The Season

Well it was great to be together for Thanksgiving and I know Christmas at Casadei's and a Redneck Christmas in Gaffney will be fun as well. Our little man has his first little cold and it is NOT fun. I feel bad for him but he is being a trooper. KT if you could please post the Real Simple gifts that would be great. Oh, yeah one last question. When we get together at KT's for Christmas are we gonna do dinner or snacky snacks? Talk to all ya'll bloggers later.

The Franklin Crew

PS I hope you enjoy our FIRST family photo. We took it on the couch with our digital camera propped up by the BOM. Ha ha ha!!!

Frosty, Worm, and Kids

Here is a picture from the play! WOW! Jessica, it was so awesome! You did such a great job! I really think you had the best part in the whole play...however, you are the reason it was so good! My girls loved it and little tiny TJ was so good! So, I think that means all around it was a hit! Mom and dad, thanks for your hospitality! We will see you all in about two weeks!

I feel so FAAAAAT

I ate to much at Thanksgiving. I still have gas from the sweetpotatoes but it was worth it.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

50 Gifts under $50

Hi y'all - This is my first blog post....ever...I hope I'm doing this right.

I just got my December 05 / Jan 06 RealSimple magazine. They have a great article they do every December called 50 Gifts under $50. It's several pages, but if one of you doesn't get RealSimple, I'll be happy to scan it and post it here for you to's at least good for ideas for people who are hard to buy for like:
1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Creighton
4. Maria
5. Stephen
6. Jessica
7. Me
8. Tyler
9. TJ
10. Kate
11. Clair
12. Rosalind
KIDDING! Ok....hope y'all have fun fighting the crowds and listening to Christmas music.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hello Bright Family!

Hello Family! Welcome to Bright Bits...our home on the web away from home! This is a great way to share things that happened to us and to post pictures. It is nice not to have to download attachments...but to just view them on-line. So, I hope we can all enjoy and use this as a way to keep in touch and keep connected. I love you all and I am glad we are family! Happy BLOGGING!