Monday, March 31, 2008

Little Playmates

The boys play so well together. I was watching them today and they were laughing and was just so sweet.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Making Cookies with Mommy!

TJ loves to be in the kitchen when I am cooking or baking. He especially loves to watch the oven if there is something inside. Today I was making cutout sugar cookies for Easter and I thought he could help. He washed his hands all by himself... with some help from Daddy of course and then we I rolled the cookies out and he helped to cut them out. He was so excited. Then he tried to eat the flour. I told him the flour was not good to eat but the dough was pretty tasty. He tried some and that was it... he didn't want to cut anymore cookies out, just eat the dough. He is such a funny little character. Hope that you guys all had a wonderful Easter.


TJ picking up dough to EAT!

TJ has been working hard in the kitchen.

Mommy adn TJ share a cookie dough kiss.... YUM!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wake up Note!

I know this isn't the greatest copy...but our scanner is LONG gone so a digital photo will have to do. Some Saturday mornings, when Stephen and I TRY to sleep in...Kate writes us notes, asking stuff like, can I play webkinz, eat a piece of bread, whatever, instead of waking us up! One school day morning, several months ago I woke up to find this note sitting on top of the the covers of my bed. Every time I see it, it makes me smile and feel so loved! The spelling is so darling! I just love my little Kate...she is getting so grown up! She said she got up early and wrote it in the bathroom so she didn't wake anyone up! :)
Here is a translation of what it says....I love mom. I think you are the best mom in the world. (Written above the line next to a little picture it says...Here is a Hannah Montana wig.) I will get green bear today. You are pretty. I like your hair style. I love you kisses. I like you. I love the way you smell. You are so beautiful. Thanks for letting me play webkinz world today. I wish I could look at you all day long because I love you. You're nice too because one day you let me play at Heritage Park with the Postages. I miss you at school. Thank you for taking Clair and me to the Hannah Montana movie. Thank you for letting me go to soccer (can't read). (Not sure about the last sentence, I think it says...You thank me which is good.) PS Love From Kate

Jessica's Traveling Show

Clair and I went to see Aunt Jessica's play in Spartanburg a few weeks ago. (Poor Kate had to stay home sick!) Here are a few pictures!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Some of you might know that Jessica wants to wear my wedding gown. However it had yellowed. I took it to the temple and under the lights inside it was very evident that it was yellow. We research and found companies that would restore wedding gowns to their orignal whiteness only to find out they were either way there in their prices - like starting at $500 - might as well just buy a new dress for that OR they could not guarantee full restoration and you were still out the money. SOOOOOO I researched the Internet Googled it as they say and found this one site that suggested that the gown could be washed and/or soaked in a solution of 2 Cups Clorox2 & 2 Cups Cascade Dishwasher Powder. The mixture had to be dissolved first in very hot water and then add to a bathtub full of cold water, then submerge the dress into the water and let soak over night. This we did.

WELLLLLLLL......Jessica and I were very anxious and wanted to see what was happening so we took the dress our surprise it seemed to be lightening up a bit.....we rinsed it and the mixed another batch of the solution and soaked it over night. We woke up about 4:30 (not on purpose) and rinsed the dress and hung it in the garage and now (it's 2PM Sunday) it is hanging on the flag pole in the front of the house in the sun. It really does seem to be much brighter. The arms still have a hint of the yellowing, I am hoping the sun lite will pull out the yellow. I will repeat this procedure again to night and let it hand outside again tomorrow.

Well, gotta run,
Love Ya

Friday, March 07, 2008

Alex & Ben Go to a Birthday Party

Alex and Ben's friend Abby Clare turned 1 on the 5th. Her birthday party was last Saturday at the Mellow Mushroom. It was kind of chaotic and made me glad I'm having the boys party at the park in front of our house. Anyway, they were so good for us but it was hot in the restaurant and at one point I was sure Ben was running a fever b/c he was so hot. So we packed up early and left. We didn't even get any cake. And you all know that is the only reason that I go to showers or birthday parties................the chance that there might be.....................some CAKE!

Here are a couple of pics from the par-tay!

Alex getting his party on.....

Ben.......the party animal.

Abby Clare and her Daddy.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am looking for some advice....

OK... So here is the deal, my sweet little angel man has now left the easy breezy twos and entered into the terrible horrible no good VERY bad threes (a little early). Today I promised to take him to the library for story time. We started out great... he played well with the other kids and was happy to be there. During story time he freaked out and didn't want to sit and listen I told him we could go ahead and leave if he was done listening... he said he didn't want to go, but then proceeded to pinch me and push back on me with his large head. Finally I couldn't hold him any longer and so we got up and left. I checked out the books and he screamed NO at me the whole time and I was mortified to have all these people watching, the only comfort came from knowing that maybe one of these ladies could sympathize with me. As we walked from the library he cried and yelled at me. In the van he swatted at me... up until then I had kept my cool and had talked to him quietly. After he swatted at me I lost it... I smacked his hand... then he yelled at me and I smacked his mouth.... I felt bad and I shouldn't have done it. We picked Tyler up from work and TJ proceeded to take a power nap on the way home. I couldn't get him to take a real nap. So around 3:30 I asked him to pick up his cars and put them away... He proceeded to ignore me and play. I gave him three warnings. The consequence was to lose his cars for the rest of the week. So I took them from him and he screamed and tried to "spank my bum". I kept my cool this time and asked him to sit in on the time out mat until Tyler got home. When Tyler got home, TJ told on himself and so I just let him tell his dad what he did wrong... he knew. Tyler took him in the bathroom and talked to him and then told him he was going to get a "bare bum" spanking and that TJ should take his "lickin's". He spanked him and TJ came out and apologized to me. I know this is a phase and I know it will end.... but right now I am frustrated... I will take any advice from friends or family so poll your friends or give me some of your own age old wisdom.

Love ya


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What Happened to February????

Well, I just came in for lunch, and I have had lunch only about 5 points for lunch not to bad. Anyway of course I had to come to the computer, these days I think I am living at the computer trying to find good deals for Jessica's up coming wedding. Boy does that ever sound strange GOOD but strange. She wants us to come over soon to see their new apartment, Josh is living there for now but she's been over there to help arrange a few things. I asked her who said what went where? She said that he had asked her to tell him where to put stuff and she told him that he could choose and when she moved in she'd change it.....he said oh no, I'm not moving it twice so you just tell me where you want it and we'll put it there.....isn't that just like a man!!! She said OK put the fish tank here and this right there and so on and so on. She doing good don't you think girls.

Well, I haven't posted to the blog in over a month. The last time I did I asked that you girls post some pics so that when I'm Mimi's I could glean them from the blog and save them to their computer. I couldn't get over the grand children they are growing. Thanks so much for doing that. I was really surprise as I read over the several posts.

As if you didn't know dad and I have been busy with getting the house in tip top shape and planning another wedding. It will be fun. We have decided to use the church building. My major attempt is to lower the gym ceiling by using either a parachute or some plastic drop clothes. I know each of you are going "DROP CLOTHES!!!!!!" is she crazy!!! Well I won't go there....I am thinking - a white parachute would be really pretty, it would give a tent effect in the gym with greenery all around and an area with white columns and my metal bench would make a wonderful area for pictures. Jo Ann Harley is doing the food so that's taken care of. I have priced a wooden dance floor ( 9X12 foot floor - $240) Music.... I would like to use our stereo and plug it into the sound system and have back ground music playing. Cake - I have discussed this with Rosalind at great lengths...I am thinking (again you all will think I've lost my mind) but I am considering having cheese cake, displayed on different levels with whipped cream dollop with a strawberry that's been dipped in dipping chocolate laid on the top of each piece. And at the very top of the display I'll have a small wedding cake for them to cut and to save. Photography....Patrick King is suppose to be getting me a price list for the hours that I need. He does do wedding portraits, so I am waiting to see what his cost will be. He remembered me from Maria wedding.

Anyway that's what I've been doing I hope this hasn't gotten to long. I have to go back to work soon so I'll close. Love You Guys

Oma - Mom

We Are Here!!!

Sorry, but getting on the computer these days is like scheduling a root canal..... you know you need to do it and that things will be better when you get it done, but you really dread doing it. I have been busy, mostly growing a baby girl (hope you all heard) Dawn Elizabeth Franklin (Elizabeth) weighs 1.5 lbs right now and is following her big brother and already has her head down on the cervix ready to come... who knows maybe she will come early.

Tyler tested for TSGT (Technical Sergeant) Tuesday, March 4th and we are praying that his scores allow him to sew on that stripe next year... if not he will test again next March. TJ has been busy with playdates and learning how to hold his "babydoll" which he calls Baby Doll. We tried to get him to name the little boy baby doll but he insists that his name IS Baby Doll. Yes, first name Baby and last name Doll. He is still loving soccer and has his last game Saturday. We will try and get pictures out to you guys as soon as we get them back from the photographer. I will post a few pictures of our kids hey, I can say that now.... yeah! SORRY again about being the blogger slacker. Love to you all!

Maria, Tyler, and TJ

Getting ready to go to Soccer Practice
with Coach Chuck!
"Go, Phunder!" (Thunder)

Our Little Bruiser Boy

Dawn "Elizabeth" Franklin (1.5 lbs)

Our Newest Addition!
I'm a real Soccer Mom, now!