Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FHE at Lake Bowen

For FHE yesterday we joined our old pals, the Fletchers at Lake Bowen! Chris's parents have a beautiful house on the lake. Her dad even took us for a nice scenic ride around the lake in his pontoon boat!
Here is Clair - looking all Hollywood on our "cruise"!Bowen on Lake Bowen
Kate and Stephen

More from Hollywood Clair!

Mr. Ravan let each of the kids drive the boat!My beautiful Kate in the golden sun!

Kate driving!

Bowen and Mommy!

Ethan and Clair

Bowen and Daddy

Grant and Kate

Bowen's turn to drive!

The sunsetting on Lake Bowen

Two wind-blown friends!

When we got back we fished on the dock for a while! Nothing better than fishing in the dark!
Thanks to our wonderful hosts - the Fletchers (and Ravans) It was a super fun night!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping at Table Rock State Park

This past weekend we went camping with some of our neighborhood friends at Table Rock State Park! It was a blast! I didn't take any pictures the first day, we were so busy getting everything set up and getting dinner ready! The next morning we woke up and ate a quick breakfast and then we went to the lake and took a guided canoe tour! It was SO cool! Stephen and Kate and Bowen rode in a three man kayak. Clair and I rode in a canoe! I was a little worried since I have never done anything like this before, but it was SO cool! Now I totally want a canoe or kayak. The lake was beautiful and so peaceful! The view of table rock was the best you can get in the middle of the lake. I am only sad I didn't have my camera - I was so afraid it would get dropped in the lake! Next time I will buy a disposable water proof one! When we got back all of our friends were gone on a hike so we relaxed and ate lunch! Clair drinking her favorite - SODA!

Like father like son! Stevie and Bowen chilaxing!
Then our friends got back, we did a little camping project with the kids!
Clair making a fire starter with dryer lint and pine cone!

Some of the kids making fire starters!

Clair and her friend Brynlee!

Bowen after some mini oreos! So darling!
IT was SO hot! We decided we needed to cool off! At first we talked about going to the park's lake beach! But there was NO shade! So instead we found a cool mountain stream above the lake! It was SO cool and perfect!

Kate chilling in a mountain stream!

Bowen sunning his pasty white self!

Bowen realizing the water is WAY cold!

It was SO hot - high 90's maybe even 100- that Stephen welcomed the cold mountain water!

Isn't this beautiful! This was the first place we cooled off in! I loved this place!

Then we moved down stream to a swimming hole with the rest of the group! I didn't like this place as much! Very crowded and sandy bottom!

Here is our whole group!

Kate trying to catch minnows!

Stephen cooling off in a bigger water fall!

Clair and Brynlee!

Bowen hated this place, he is like his mama, he hated the sand in his toes!
After cooling off in the water we went back to camp to start dinner!

Clair was so tired - after a busy day of camping she fell asleep while Stephen was getting the fire ready for foil dinners! Power nap!

Kate woke up the last morning with such a sun shining face! Too bad it didn't keep the cloud away! It poured and we had to break camp in the rain, which really stinks! It was a great trip and I am ready to go again! I just love camping! I am so glad our kids like it too!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lots of Milestones....

TJ sitting with daddy at graduation!

See TJ in the middle.... singing his heart out!

Here he is our BIG 4 year old boy (ALMOST!)
TJ graduated 3 yr. old Preschool in May.... and that was such a BIG day! He was so excited, but soon realized that graduation meant that he wouldn't see Mrs. Powers for a VERY long time and he was saddened by that. He did a great job. They sang songs they had learned all year long and then they were given a certificate. We took him out for a special lunch and then home for a nap. It was an exciting day. He has sure grown up this past school year. Then we just celebrated Elizabeth's 1st birthday... even though she doesn't turn 1 until Thursday (18th). We had a little party at the house with a few friends. It was great. She really enjoyed eating a hot dog and her cake. Sooooo Happy, Happy Birthday EARLY Elizabeth.

Our Precious Pea!

The cake I made Elizabeth to destroy!

Yummy cake!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hopefully This is the Last One

So we've said this about the last three surgeries, but we are hoping and praying and thinking positively that this was his last surgery. Let's see where did it all begin...the first one was the bi-lateral hernia repair when he was just 6 weeks old.

Then there was the liver surgery when they thought he had biliary atresia when he was 3 months old (85 days old if we're getting specific). And that one resulted in his gall bladder being removed. I remember thinking how tiny that gall bladder must have been.
Then there was they hydraseal repair at like a year old.
And then the first hypospadius repair at 20 months old.

And now at just over 2 years.....another hypospadius repair. This kid is so resilient! As I'm typing this he is sitting on the loveseat just chilling....watching Sprout. What an amazing little guy!

And little brother, Ben. What a good friend for Alex. They love to play together (most of the time) and thankfully they enjoy the same things (Elmo, cars, going to the park and WAFFLES!) which makes life pretty easy. It's like Ben knows that Alex needs to take it easy because he is being so tender with him. What a sweet boy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh what do you do in the summer time?

Hang out at the pool to keep yourself cool with friends! Eat special breakfasts OUTSIDE!
Do workbooks and read so brains don't get too mushy over the summer break! (Isn't their mommy mean!)

Eat ice cream - LOTS of ice cream!

Go out to movies and lunch with out best buddies!

And much much more - stay tuned for more summer fun!