Sunday, May 23, 2010


We wanted to go pick strawberries for FHE - but the weather didn't want us to. So we had to wait a few days. We invited our friends to join us. We picnicked and then picked strawberries. Kate showing off a perfect strawberry!
Clair having fun!

Bowen sampling the goods!

The kiddos filling their baskets with strawberries!

We picked four big buckets. I made three batches of jam, two pies, strawberry turnovers, and three batches of strawberry syrup, plus sliced, sugared, and froze some too! I love strawberry season!

Kate's Reflections District Awards

Kate won two awards on the District level for Reflections... Honorable mention in photography - "The Bee and Flower"
Second Place in Literature - "Beautiful Places"

Way to go Kate. We are so proud of you!