Wednesday, June 09, 2010

If it's not Scottish...It's CRAP!

We decided to go check out the opening parade for the Greenville Scottish Games. It was a fun parade with lots of bagpipes and a REAL prince! Here are the girls. Clair's friend Emily joined us since her sister was having surgery on her elbow. Here they are waiting for the parade to start!

Daddy and Bowen are waiting too!

Doesn't this dude look authentic!

Some bagpipes! LOVE THEM!

This little guy is starting young!

He could be protecting some castle on the Scottish moors!

Here he is...Prince Edward. When I asked Clair, "Isn't he handsome?" She said, "NOOOO - He is OLD!"

Stephen informed the kids..."He puts his pants on one at time just like I do!" I was excited to see him! I made sure all the kids got a good look at him! But laws I know he was hot in that thick expensive suite of his!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Clair's Kindergarten Graduation

With school coming to an end...the Kindergarten had their special Kindergarten graduation! They sang several songs, and then each child's name was called and they received a certificate of completion from Kindergarten. Here they are singing "School is Cool" Clair is on the top left 4 or 5 over! Clair hugging Mrs. Williams after her name was called!
Clair getting her certificate from Mrs. McConaghy. (Sorry for the blur, I CANNOT get good pics in the cafeteria!)

After the group ceremony we went outside with just Clair's class. The kids had been watching the butterfly life cycle and now it was time to let the butterflies go...get the symbolism. It was cute!
Clair did NOT want school to end. She says she wants to be in Kindergarten FOREVER! Thanks to her teachers for making school so enjoyable for her! She learned a lot this year!