Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Women of this family!

For several weeks I have been thinking about our sweet Mimi! I feel very blessed to have known her and been loved by her. I feel blessed to have been able to learn from her example. Here is a poem I wrote about her and my mother-in-law. I also been very blessed to have married into such a great family! This poem is dedicated to the women who married into the Bright family tree.
Women of This Family

Generations of women who share the same name
Yet we lack one thing in common, our blood is not the same
Through marriage our husbands names we take
Now in this family we claim a stake
As we study each gentle women dear
Many similar traits soon become clear
Women in this family are courageous and true
Women in this family work hard and push through
God is center, no other above Him
Obey all commandments, avoid all sin
Teach your children and love them too
Be supportive and proud of all that they do
Husbands are loved and treated well
With a friendship that through time continues to swell
I am proud to be a small part of this great legacy
And hope to bring honor to my limb of the family tree

Rosalind Call Bright

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wii Fit Injury

So I got my first Wii Fit injury. I got a little buck when working out with my trainer on the punching bag. I whipped myself with the wire on the thumb and it took off a layer of skin. It bleed a lot. But it is starting to heal. See...

Alternative Use

When I got out of the shower this morning I found Bowen with a tampon, out of the wrapper and pushed up out of the applicator. Bowen came up with an alternative use for tampons....


Then when I tried to get him to do it again for a better picture, he looked at it and said, "Gross! Don't like it!"

Our Friends!

Most of you know our dear friends the Messerklingers. We love them and they have been so good to us. Sadly, they are moving back to Germany soon! So, every time we do something with them, I feel like I need to capture it with photo! Here are a few pictures from a rare nice day outside! Kate and Clair have a new "game"...they like to spy! Bowen had a cold! :(

Clair undercover!

Yucky...snot! Poor Bowen!


Kate being a spy!

Kate and Clair having fun! Look at that hair!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ok How Sad Is This?

I must confess I've been remiss in blogging. I'm a bad, bad mother. But I blame Stephenie Meyer for my dirty house, sink of dirty dishes and lack of blog updates. I am however posting some pics from Christmas Day. We had so much fun just hanging out....just the four of us. It was an awesome day. I'm totally addicted to "staying home" on Christmas. Creighton's family came up for a few hours and we had dinner with them. We only had one condition for them coming up. Stay in your PJs! And that they did. It was so much fun....everyone just hanging out in their PJs, watching TV, looking at pics and opening gifts.
The boys got lots of presents. I'm not sure they got what Christmas actually was, but next year will be SO MUCH FUN! I'm already excited for it. How sad is that?

We ended Christmas Eve with a bedtime story of The Night Before Christmas.

Ben was our first brave trooper down the stairs.

Followed closely by Alex.They were very intrigued by the new HUGE stash of toys and stuff in the living room.

And then like all good boys and girls they commenced to playing with the pile of boxes that Santa and the elves discarded on their way out the door.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kate in the News

Here is a page from the school newsletter. The bottom section shows Kate's achievements in the reflections contest. For those of you who have contributed to the box tops for education program, you can see that her class is currently in 3rd place over all for the entire school. Keep the box tops coming in.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

One smart kid!

Clair amazes me. She isn't the "book smart" type like Kate...she is more of like the "street smart" type!

The other day she was putting on her PJ's after a shower. She picks up her shirt and it is inside out. I watch her put it on (inside out), but before I can say something to her, she pulls it off again, which makes it right side out now! Then she puts it back on, this time the right way! She comes over and tells me,

"Mom, I don't need your help when my shirts are inside out! I'll just put them on wrong and take them off and then they will be right!"
Now how smart is that?

Kids = Funny

Yesterday we had some really windy weather! Wind gusts were like 30+ mph. However, life goes on and I had to run some errands. So, Clair and Bowen and I were walking across a parking lot in these strong wind gusts...holding onto each others hands for our very safety! When we finally got back to the van Clair says,
"Mom, it is SO windy! If I kept a record of the windiest days of my life, this would totally be on the top of the list!"

Our little Bowen is sure growing! He is talking lots! Every day he says something new that amazes us! A few days ago, I found him in the toy room completely emptying Clair new doll house of all it's furnishings and dolls! He had even taken the drawers out of every cabinet and dresser! It was a mess.
I said, "Oh son, what did you do?"
He said, "I made a mess!"
I said, "Yes, and Clair is not going to be too happy with you! Come on let's go tell her what you did." So I took his hand and we started down the stairs to tell Clair. As we were walking down the stairs he yells down to Clair,
"Quare (Clair), you be happy with me! I tell the truth!"
I guess he figured she had no right to be mad since he was going to tell the truth about destroying her doll house! :)