Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well, it is true. We are officially leaving the South, for the time being. It is kind of sad, because ALL of you are here and we will miss being able to get to you when we want. BUT it does give you all a reason to take a vacation. Believe it or not we are very excited about the move. Tyler and I feel that this move is a great thing. Who knows we might get out there and LOVE it (I doubt it), but you never know. Tyler has had a feeling that while he is working with the Reserve Unit he will meet one of the reservist who will offer him a job. WHO KNOWS????? Anyhooo I want you to all know that we expect visits and we will truly miss you all. I tear up just thinking about all the missed family events. But I am a big girl (I mean a BIG girl) and I can deal with it. If we are in Cheyenne for Thanksgiving we already have plans for dinner. We will be home for Christmas, we just might need a ride home from the Airport.

Love to you all

Maria, Tyler, and the TJ-man

Monday, August 28, 2006

Katie's Monday Post 8/28/06

This Wednesday we will find out if Alphonse and/or Berta have found a snuggly home. The preg test is at 8:15a on Wed. I’m so nervous. Everyone keeps telling me that I should take a home test the morning of, but I don’t think I will. I’m thinking since they’re doing a blood test that the pee test may not be accurate and I could either (a) get my hopes up or (b) be disappointed……both for no reason. So, if you think about it, say a little prayer for us on Wednesday morning.

In other news, some of you may know about the “water in the crawlspace” issue we’ve been dealing with for the past year. We got some quotes together since our builder agreed to pay for it to be fixed. To have the crawlspace fixed and the landscaping redone, it was coming out to almost $7,000. We had a phone call with him last week and he has reviewed the quotes and has agreed to pay for EVERYTHING! We were nervous b/c we thought the quotes were a little high (especially the one from B-Dry to fix the crawlspace – it was almost $5,000). We are so grateful that he’s agreed to pay for it!!!

Well, I’m off to work…..or at least pretend like it. Have a great week!

Monday, August 21, 2006

2 Out of 11 Ain't Bad

Well that's all we got. 2 embryos. I heard from Dr. Forstein today and the other two didn't make it. So all we've got is the two that have been transferred. Dr. Miller called them Alphonse and Berta. He said "you can change their names later." LOL!

We are praying for smooth sailing tomorrow for Bowen to join our family. We are excited for him to finally be here. I'm sure he was just staying w/ Alphonse and Berta until they got safely to earth. Then he was ready to join us. Thanks Bowen!

Love you all.........

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Looks like we made it...

Bowen decided to not come while Stephen was gone. Stephen got home today, and mom and dad left about 15 minutes later. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming and babysitting me! :)

KT, we are still keeping you in our prayers! (My parents have put your name on the temple prayer rolls a couple times in the last week as well!) We feel really good about this! Keep your head up!

Maria, there are worse places than Wyoming! Plus, the church is pretty strong there. I feel sure we can totally work out the Christmas thing! So, don't get too worried about it. I am kind of excited for you guys. Moving is stressful, but there is something refreshing about a new start! I always kind of enjoy moving...sick but true!

It looks like we will make it to the scheduled date, Aug. 22nd. So, less than a week now! Love you all!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Well tomorrow is the day of extraction. Creighton gave me the hCG shot last night (in my upper-right-cheek-area). I'm a teensy bit sore there today. I couldn't sleep on my back all night. It's only 3:00pm and I wish the day would hurry up and be over. It has been nice to not have to take any shots today. I don't have any today or tomorrow. Then we start a whole new round of shots on Wednesday.

Friday is the really big day. Transfer! Then we wait 12 days. So we won't know for sure if it took until the pregnancy test on the 30th. Pray really hard for us, OK? We want this to happen. I'm 32 for Pete's sake!

I am really sad to hear the news about Maria and Tyler, but since there is a Target and a Wal-Mart right outside the base in Why-oh-why-oh-why-oh-me-Wyoming, I find this acceptable and approve of the move. Hehehehe!

Good luck Rozzie with keepin' that kid in until Stephen gets home. I know he'll wait for his Daddy to be there!

Love you all!

PS - found out who the new RS Pres. is and she's super cool. I'm gonna have fun working with her. :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

No News is Good News.... I guess

At least that is what they say (who is THEY by the way?). Anyhoo.... I don't know if all of you know and this is probably a real CRAPPY way to break the news, but Tyler has been in for a reassignment to Wyoming, yes folks that is not a typo WYOMING. The great state of ..... well RODEOS? I guess. Well, we haven't heard anything yet, so I guess that is good. I don't know. We are having real mixed emotions about the whole thing. I think we are both excited to venture out and try life on our own, but then again it sure is nice to have dependable babysitters at the touch of a button (Ros, you know what I mean). I do know that Heavenly Father will send us wherever we are needed. We do love Charleston, but we have both found ourselves getting very frustrated here, not only with Tyler's job, but with our ward. We know the church is true, but buddy these people in Charleston can sure drive you BONKERS!!!! We won't know anything about Wyoming for at least another week. Just keep us in your prayers and know that we will miss you all, if we go. Oh, I forgot to mention the tiny ity bity bit about when we would actually need to be there, (if you have a weak stomach you may want to stop reading now) we would have to be there in Decemeber. So for now Christmas is in the air. We love you all.

The Franklin Family

Fasting for KT and Creighton

Hello Family,

I will also send this out on email...I know we don't all check the BLOG (shame shame). I know we are all aware that this is going on, but I wanted to suggest that we all fast and/or pray for KT and Creighton this Sunday. It looks like things are a go for this weekend. Even if for same reason they don't happen this weekend, it might be a good idea to fast and pray that they will be able to happen soon and successfully! I have talked with KT about this (fasting) before, but didn't mention it recently. However, I feel sure they would not object to prayers on their behalf! There is power in numbers! So, this Sunday, let's all fast & pray for KT and Creighton and success in the invitro procedure!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Calm Before the Storm

Hello all! I have been feeling fabulous the past three days. I am pretty sure this is the calm before the storm. I am still a little tired, but I seem to be sleeping better and feeling better than I have in over a month. Full moon on August maybe! If I don't have the baby this week, then I will just have to wait for the date the doc scheduled, because as most of you know, Stephen HAS to go to G'ville Aug 14-16 for work. So, thank goodness for mom and dad...they will come and "baby-sit" me and the girls! Anyway, hope you are all well. KT, you need to tell those ovaries to knock it off and behave! :) Love to you all!

Ain't No Misbehavin'

Welcome to another edition of “Katie’s Misbehaving Ovaries.” Today we will be delving into why they think it’s a good idea to form huge cysts and what Dr. Miller has to do to drain them.

Yes, folks, that’s right….last week I had a cyst aspirated off of my right ovary. 32cc’s of fluid removed. It was a successful procedure and we are moving forward with this round of in vitro drugs.

We started Gonal-F and Repronex on Saturday (the 5th). I go in for blood work tomorrow at 8:15am, so we’ll see how things are looking then. I just don’t see any difference or feel any different than last time so I’m keeping an optimistic outlook but if it’s not good news I won’t get too upset. So if y’all aren’t busy tomorrow around 8:15 pray for me to get good results, ok.

In other news….our entire RS Presidency is getting released except for me. Well, I guess technically I’m getting released and recalled into the same calling. I don’t know who the new president is, but I’m sure it will be fun to get to know someone else. I’m just sad that Susan and I only got to work together for nine months. :)

JCL and I went to the temple on Saturday and it was great. We barely made it to the 3:00 session and it was almost empty so it was nice that it wasn’t crowded. We stopped afterward and got a burger at one of our favorite places in Cola and then we headed home. All in all, it was a great day!

Better run… Chris Hawton likes to say “work hollers!”