Thursday, April 27, 2006

Crazy Week

Well, it has been a pretty crazy week...and it isn't even over!

We started out Sunday with about two and half hours of some pretty crazy contractions. After drinking a ton of water and staying down on my left side, they just kind of went away! The next morning I was VERY sore and called the doctor. They said to take it easy and to lay down in the mid-morning, afternoon, and mid-evening, and to avoid being on my feet for long periods of time. Well, I'll do it! The last thing I want is to be put on bed rest for the next 4 month! So, I've been following their advice and it really has helped. I can tell Bowen is getting stronger because he is kicking like a wild man every time I lay down!

Kate started ballet this week. She only goes once a week, much to her dislike. She wants to go every night! She really enjoyed it! She also has been looking forward to pre-school for today. They had to dress up as a fairy tale person. She had grand ideas and listed every fairy tale princess she could think of. We settled on the Princess and the Pea. She wore her Halloween costume from two Halloweens ago. It still fits pretty well. Then we took a pea off of the pea-pod costume that Clair wore, for her to carry! She looked cute and was so very excited to show everyone. She said, "Mom, I have stage fright, I just don't think I can do this!" I told her she has never had anything CLOSE to stage fright in her entire life! I think she was just excited.

Clair is totally growing up too! She keeps us smiling and laughing with the things she says! She is really into saying the prayer on the food. She thanks and bless the food, and then she always says, "Bless that Jesus will get fixed." Kate said to her one day, "Why do you bless Jesus to get fixed?" And she responded, "Because He has holes in his hands and feet!" "Well, they won't get better!", says Kate. I think it is cute! At least she paid attention enough to know that about Jesus. She also loves to help cook and she has to work on projects when I am helping Kate with her handwriting or with a workbook. Yesterday she was coloring a picture of Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh. Kate said, "Eeyore is a donkey!" Clair says, "Eeyore is a HONKEY?" I about feel out of my chair laughing. I called Stephen and a couple other people so she could tell them. She cracks me up!

Bowen is getting big. I know because he has really picked up the kicking and moving around. He really like me to lay on the bed, on my back with my head and shoulders propped up. The girls love to talk to my belly and Clair likes to play peek-a-boo. Kate wants to learn how to spell his name and also draws pictures of him! We got paint for the nursery and they both really want to help! (That would be scary!)

Stephens work hasn't been as bad this week. It kind of seems to go in waves. He is going to Mexico in May and still has lots to do to get ready for that trip. He will be the lead auditor, is working on his certification. That would be a great feather to have in his hat! He had to "work from home" yesterday because the green van is leaking coolant again. He is not happy with the shope in Simpsonville that fixed it last time and he even issued a complaint with Chevy....this is a known flaw on their Ventures and yet they still make them the same way! So, that has been the real damper on his week!We hope you are all well! Love and miss you all!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Franklin Family Vacation 2006

We are headed to Florida on Friday! We can't wait. Sun, sand, pool, and Shamu (sp?) watch out here we come.... I know TJ doesn't really understand that we are going on vacation, but I like to think that he is excited too. He has no idea that there is going to be 4 swimming pools, and huge bath tub and his NANNA!!! Wow! What more could a kid ask for. Okay, so Tyler and I are going to take advantage of the vacation with nanna. She has VERY willingly accepted the challenge to keep TJ while Tyler and I go to the Orlando Temple and do a session. I am so excited. That means I will have been to the Atlanta, Columbia, Provo, SLC, DC, and now Orlando Temples. That is 6 temples. I am so happy (yeah, so there is like 100 and something more). I also would like to share with you guys, that Tyler and I went to the Columbia Temple, Saturday so that my friend Diana and her husband and their kids could be sealed. It was the neatest experience. I will say that this experience helped me to really appreciate that Tyler and I are sealed with TJ forever. This sealing opportunity gave Tyler and I a chance to reflect on eternal families and how happy we are to not only be an eternal family but to be part of one. We love you all! Watch the mail for a postcard from our vacation.

Love to you all

Maria, Tyler, and the BIG man in Chucktown TJ

Monday, April 10, 2006

Air Show 2006

This was TJ's VERY FIRST Air Show. He loves being outside and so we thought heck yeah let's go! So, Oma andOpa came and we packed up the stroller and headed out. I must have been a little generous with the sunscreen because TJ woke up rubbing his eyes and crying . I think it got in his eyes. Oh, well. I learned my lesson. We had a great time and the temperature was wonderful. We ran into a few people we know. That was fun too. As for the rest of our weekend, Tyler is really feeling the change and merge into EQ. I am so very proud of him. He was at church pretty much MOST of the day. We went back last night for and EQ Fireside and it was great. I really felt boosted. The speaker was President Baughman (the singles branch pres). He spoke about the passage in the D&C "Many are called but few are chosen and why are they not chosen" We spoke about being prepared and about having a unrighteous dominion. Anyway it was great. The sad thing was that we had a great fireside great treats at the end an only 15 people total were there. That was including the speaker and his wife. I guess it just frustrates me that people in our ward and I am sure in other wards don't support ward things. That ticks me off. I just wish that more people in our ward and in the church would support activities done at church. SO... this is my challenge to our family for 2006 You need to all support activities that pertain to you. And mom that means you have attend Enrichment. Well I will talk to you all later.

Love you


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Relaxing Weekend at Home

UGH! I just wrote a whole huge post and when I clicked the spell-check button, it erased the entire thing. I'm so ticked!

Anyway, we spent this weekend at home....sleeping. Literally. We slept until noon on Sat. Then I took a nap Sat. afternoon. Then another nap on Sunday afternoon! I must have needed it, because I could totally sleep right now again and it's almost 10pm!

Well....not much exciting happened this weekend. Just the sleeping. Hope you're all doing well. I better run.....Creighton is cooking and he needs his sous-Chef! TTYL!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Up-date on the Girls!

Clair filled up her first potty chart. She had to go eight times and have dry pants each time, before she could get a new game. I finally just asked her (after many unsecsessful bribes) what she'd like and after giving her MANY choices, she said she'd like a new game. Well, it took her two days, but she filled her first chart. Next chart will have 12 spots to fill. So today we went to Wal Mart and she picked the classic, "Cooties". She also said next time she wants "Monkeys in a Barrel". (Good that one is cheap!) So, maybe I found some motivation. We just need to work on getting her to tell me she has to go, not me just taking her every 30 - 45 minutes.

Kate went to the dentist today. She LOVES going to the dentist. He said she has beautiful teeth. It was a mad house. It is the only ped. Dentist in our plan that is not all the way in Atlanta. CRAZY I tell you! But Kate liked it a lot....tons of kids. She immediately found a new friend! They gave her a little goody bag with a t-shirt (fancy), a new toothbrush, and tooth paste. The hygentist said, "oh wait, they didn't put your name one it." She got out her pen and Kate says, "K-A-T-E" (Like the lady couldn't spell Kate! I had to laugh! Clair will go for her fist apt. at age 3 and that is when I will take Kate back for her 6 month apt. By then, little Bowen will be going with us too! Oh scary...three kids! Anyway, Kate did well and was happiest that the hygentist suggested an electric toothbrush for her. (She has issues with plaque along her gum line up front, like her dad I guess.) Anyway, so while at Wal Mart, Kate also picked out a new tooth brush. Of course as soon as we got home she had to use it!

One more funny story...yesterday while the girls were napping I watched "Pride and Prejudice" (my most recent Netflix movie). Clair woke up right at the end. In the closing scene, the leading actress kisses her guys hand. It is all very tender. Clair was sitting in my lap and as soon as she kissed his hand Clair says, "Ewww, gross!" Kind of killed the mood. Then after they kissed for real, I said, "Ohhh!" Clair said "What?" I said, "They love each other!" She kind of looked at me like, who cares, turn on Elmo, he never kisses! Thank goodness it was the end, I might have had a rioting 2 year old on my hands! :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Break

Hello Folks! We are all doing "pretty good" as Clair says. Kate is having Spring Break this week. (She doesn't like to call it a break...she says it is vacation.) Yesterday we went with our friends to a dollar movie theater to see "Curious George". When we got there we discovered that Tuesday's are only 50 cents! So for $1.50 all three of us saw a movie. It was really pretty cute, a must see for folks who like animation and cute little stories. I was surprised to recognize several voices...Drew Barrymore and Will Ferell. When we got out of the movie I said, "So, Kate what did you think?" She said, "I LOVED it, can we stay and see it again?" "I asked Clair, "Did you like it Clair?" She said, "No, I didn't. It was scary." It was as far from scary as you get, but if Kate says yes than Clair will say no! (Kate is the same way, if Clair wants OJ for breakfast, then Kate wants apple juice!) They are so crazy. I think it was just too long to be still for Clair. Well, she better get used to it, free (air conditioned) summer movies will be my choice of entertainment this HOT summer! :) Today we will practice writing letters (Kate), practice recognizing shapes (Clair), and make blackberry freezer jam (Kate while Clair naps). We will also finish Kate's library book about parrots. Last visit to the library Clair and I made, Kate requested a TON of animal books. They are long and we have to break up reading them into a couple sessions. However, Kate is now an expert on lions, parrots, and peacocks. When they showed a map of India during conference Kate yelled, "Hey, that is where peacocks are from!" She can tell you what it is called when they put their feathers up, about how they keep their babies warm, how they build nests, what the feathery things on their heads are called, and where they came from. She is so smart and if she is interested in something, she remembers the her dad! However, it is the parrot book that worries me most, now she wants a bird! I say, "HECK NO" They make huge messes and they live a long time. Anyway, I better go...just wanted to give you the Spring Break up-date.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Yes, we are very excited and Kate isn't "darn mad" so all is well. Our little man looked good. He wasn't nearly as cooperative as the girls were at getting his picture done...hummm....perhaps an idea of things to come. Anyway, we are so excited and we have already decided on what to do with the nursery...planes! Kate says she can't wait for him to teach her how to play football. Clair was only concerned about why I had a band-aid on my finger.
So, world look out for
Stephen Bowen
coming this August to a family near and dear to you! :)


My apt is at 2:30...any bets on what we are having?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

TJ Goes to the Beach

Yes! We finally did it. We took TJ to the beach and he loved it. He was so intrigued by the sound and sight of the ocean. He really wanted to jump right in. We first put his feet in the sand and he loved it. Then we stripped him down to his diaper and let him play in the sand and he was so fascinated. After about 15-20 minutes we decided to go and he cried the whole way off the beach. He was not happy about leaving. This boy is true through and through B-O-Y! I am feeling much better after having my teeth removed. I was so thankful that Tyler's dad was here to help out. What a difference a pair of hands makes. We love you all a ton!


The Franklin Crew