Monday, July 31, 2006

Shoot 'em up Tex....

A few random thoughts from Katie:

Started shots last Friday. 10 units (5 mg) of Lupron. I've mostly been giving them to myself as cranky pants is usually still asleep when I'm doing this. I am scheduled for blood work and a baseline ultrasound tomorrow. That should be fun. Geez I need a bikini wax before this show gets on the road....and when I say show I mean SHOW! You girls know what I mean......

Went to ElliottDavis last week for a baby shower for a friend of mine that still works there. It was so nice to see everyone again and it felt good to be there. I really miss working there.

I'm throwing a bridal shower for a girl in my ward on Thursday. Luckily it won't be at my house. It's going to be at another girl's house. And it's at 7 on a Thursday so we're just doing cake an punch. Nothing exciting! She's marrying a boy from Gaffney. He is Dana Duncan's brother, Curtis. I was friends with Dana when we lived in Gaffney.

Our friends Aimee and Ken Perry moved on Saturday. They moved to Massachusetts. I am very sad. I miss them so much already. I don't have their phone number or anything so I don't even know if they got there ok. I'm hoping Aimee will call this week to give me an update.

Hope y'all have a good week. Only 2 more weeks until it Bowen-Time! Right? TTYL!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Did you know?

Did you know if you get oil based paint on your hands and face that petroleum jelly will take it off? Ask me how I know...

Stephen painted trim work and the door in the nursery last night. However, Kate and Clair were sleeping in there. So, before bed he told them not to touch the door or this one section of trim because the paint was wet. (Like waving a red flag in front of a bull.) Anyway, I put the kids down. Stephen went into our bathroom and closed (and locked) the door. My dad went to bed (in Clair's bed) and Emily and I went down to the basement to load some song on her I-pod. About 20 minutes later I hear crying/screaming. I run up the stairs and my dad has Clair by the arm and she has paint all over her face and hands. My first thought (because she is screaming like a maniac) is that she caused the door to fall on her. Then I realized she must have just been touching the door. I went and got Stephen and he blew a gasket! He got the petroleum jelly to clean her up. I said to her, "Clair, why did you touch the door when Daddy said not to?" She said, "Well, actually I touch it free (3) times." My dad said he heard someone go into the bathroom and turn on the water. When it stayed on for a while he went in to check on what was going on. He thought she got into toothpaste. But then he realized even her hands under the water were still white and he knew it was paint. He was trying to bring her to me, when she freaked out, and started crying. She wanted to get back into the bathroom to wash her hands. Paint was all over her pillow case, all over her PJ's, in her hair, on her hands and face (even in her nose a little), all over the knob to turn on the water, on the sink counter top, and on her step stool. Thank goodness for petroleum jelly and paper towels! We dd manage to get it all cleaned up. Needless to say, her dad spanked her. But...

just so you all know, petroleum jelly will take off oil based paint!

Monday, July 17, 2006

IVF and other News

Just a quick update to let everyone know what’s going on in Creighton and Katie-land. We’re...well...I'm back on the b.c. pill for the next two weeks. I start another round of shots on the 28th-ish of this month. We’ve been surfing other fertility pharmacies to see if we can find one that is cheaper than the one we initially ordered from. If any of you have IVF friends, ask them what pharmacy they used, for me. I’d love to know. We have to place the order this Thursday.

In other news, Rebecca Dunlap is moving here this weekend. We’re helping her Saturday afternoon. I’m excited for her. She’s starting a new chapter in her life and I think it’s going to be a great move for her.

My good friend Aimee and her family are moving back to Massachusetts. I’m very sad about this. She has become such a good friend to me. I am really going to miss her. Her hubby left three weeks ago. We went to dinner with them the night before he left. He hugged me and Creighton and said, “thanks so much for your friendship.” He’s not a member….and I know he feels pressured sometimes by other members. When we first started hanging around with them we decided we weren’t going to ever bring it up. We were just going to be his friend and hope that fellowship would do the trick. Aimee called him on Sunday morning last week, and she asked him if he was going to go to church and he said, “I’m just getting ready to head out the door.” It’s a small step and I’m not saying that we had anything to do with it, but it’s a huge deal to Aimee. I’m really going to miss them.

Well, I’m off to the gym for a nice rockin’ time of Step II. Hopefully I won’t die of cardiac arrest since I’m so out of shape!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

TJ says KATE

Okay, so not really but he was close. Today, Tyler had TJ in his lap and was showing him a picture of Kate (the one he loves to take off of the end table) and Tyler was pointing and saying, "Kate" and finally out of nowhere TJ says his own version, "Tate". We tried to get him to do it again, but NO LUCK! I just wanted to share with everyone how sweet it is to hear him speak.

Love to you all!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Kids say the funniest things!

A few nights ago, Kate was saying the family prayer and she said (really slow and drawn out),
"Thank thee for ... Daddy ... Mommy ... Clair ... and especially for me."
I about choked trying not to laugh.

Then yesterday I was talking with Clair and I said to her, "You sure are pretty, who made you so pretty?" She got this disgusted look on her face like she was insulted I even had to ask and said, "My Mimi and Papa made me pretty!" (I was looking for Heavenly Father maybe!)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Our Fourth!

I hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July! We had a pretty good day!

We actually started the party on Monday night! We invited Duncan and his family over for FHE and the fireworks in Kennesaw. We also invited some firends of our from Church that don't have kids. He had to work until 8:00, so she came over and had dinner and joined us in the FHE with the Hammonds. Then we went and watched fireworks and ate cookies and brownies. Kate kept her ears covered with her hands, but only got upset right at the beginning. They weren't that loud, but now she just lets her imagination get away with her! (Not very rational, but at least she didn't cause a big scene.) Clair did ok...she sat in my lap and would shake if it was a little loud, but once Kate settled down, Clair was fine. They didn't get into the bed until really late that night.

The next morning, 4th of July, I got up early and ran to the store. I had to get a few things for games for the kids for our ward breakfast. (LONG STORY!) Anyway, it was HOT as where the devil lives and we hung around and got all sweaty for about 2 or 3 hours and then went home. I was totally spent so I took a nap, and Stephen slept on the couch while the girls watched a movie. When I got up it was 2:00 and no one had lunch or anything. I made sandwiches and then we put the girls down and Stephen and I watched Germany in a heart wrenching lost to Italy! It was a real heart breaker...but hey, not everyone can win! After the game Stephen painted the ceiling in the nursery and I took down tape. It is really coming together and will look SO cute. (Today I am taping up for the trim work and taping up for the dark blue stripes on the walls.) I can't wait for you to all see it! Then we cooked hot dogs and ate dinner and then we bathed the girls and we all went to bed.

So, that is our 4th in a nutshell. Hope you all enjoyed your 4th. We wish we could have been with family, but there is always next year!

KT, hope you had a wonderful birthday!