Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Sunday & Gingerbread Houses

The kid's in their Christmas BEST!

Our Family

So I have spent ALL week and I mean ALL week measuring, mixing, rolling, baking, and cutting out gingerbread houses. We planned to get together with some friends from our ward and build gingerbread houses. On top of all of that I had to prepare a Sacrament Meeting talk, finish up Christmas shopping, prepare a lesson for Primary (I was substituting for a friend), get the kids Christmas outfits ready, and all-in-all finish up the LAST minute Christmas things. It was a VERY busy but great week. We started the week off with my 32nd Birthday... and it was by far the BEST birthday ever! I got to spend the entire day with Tyler and we even got to go to dinner ALONE!

As we gathered yesterday to make gingerbread houses (baked-10 and made -9) I was filled with joy! We sure had a wonderful time, the kids were running around and sneeking candy here and there... but we did have an enjoyable Christmas time. I realize NOW why mom always enjoyed doing these with us. The baking part can be stressful, but the gathering together and the outcome is so joyful! I hope you will enjoy our gingerbread house pictures and the pictures of our family in their Christmas best! Love you all! Wish we could be with you this season!

Kisses and Hugs!

The Franklin Family

The WHOLE Gingerbread Gang (minus me!)
The missionaries even got to make their own houses!

Mandie & Chandler (daddy is deployed this Christmas season)

Marc, Kaleigh, & Heidi (our neighbors across the street)

Elizabeth with our house (she was so SLEEPY!)

The Edward's House (they hosted EVERYONE)-This house weighed a TON!

All 9 completed houses!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Kate's Recital!

So we all got to attend Kate's piano recital last week. She did a great job and performed two pieces! (WOW! I could never even remember one song!) Here is Kate with her sweet teacher Sis. Anderson!
This photo says it all...Bowen just going along with things, Kate annoyed, and Clair posing!

Never a good photo of all three!

Kate performing her first song!

Kate performing her second song!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Niven's Apple Farm

We had a great time at the UMOMC Fall party. We went to Niven's Apple Farm and the boys loved it. There were lots of activities, a really cool store, hayrides and lot and lots and lots of twins, triplets and even some QUINTS!