Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pollen makes my Blue Eyes Puff

Poor Bowen. This has not been a good Spring for him. We took him to the doctor after a few sleepless coughing nights. He has horrible allergies! (Look at those puffy eyes.) The doctor told me to keep him inside as much as I can and to put him in sunglasses and a mask if I take him out for any amount of time. So, the first adventure was Kate's soccer practice. I planned to keep him in the car, got to the practice early so I could have the best parking place and see Kate and Bowen in the car. Clair tried so HARD to entertain him, but he just wanted to get out and play! So, after 30 minutes of him being mad and mean, I decided to put him in his allergy get-up and take him for a walk in his stroller. So, with sunglasses and "surgical" mask on we attempted a walk. He screamed so much that everyone was looking. I felt like a freak show! Then I realized he totally looked like a mini Michael Jackson with mask and glasses on! Oh dear...we were a freak show! I quickly put him back in the car and let him cry the last 10 minutes. I am sure the tears were good to clean out his puffy allergy eyes! :)

Bend it like Kate!

Kate started soccer this last week. Got to love Spring in the South...she has had more soccer cancelled than actually played due to Spring showers! (Can't really complain since we are still low on water around here!) Anyway, she looked so sporty and grown up! I'll be sure to get a few pics of a game!

Clair's Funny!

We were leaving gymnastics today and Clair said..."Look at all that smoke in the sky!"

I said, "Yes, that is coming from GE. They are running a test on a turbine or combustion unit and it makes all that 'smoke'."

Clair - "Well, can we go see the test?"

I replied, "No, only GE workers like Daddy can go and watch the tests."

Clair asked, "Well, why does that smoke go up into the sky?"

Me with my limited science knowledge, "That is what smoke does, it goes way up into the sky."

Clair's funny.......

"Do you think it makes Jesus cough?"

I reassured her the smoke didn't go THAT HIGH! :)