Thursday, March 30, 2006

Who dat is? My baby daddy.........

Well.......we have baby money! We closed on the condo refi today. It was pretty painless and we should have the money to pay for the IVF tomorrow. I guess the addage "don't spend it all in one place" doesn't apply here!

We're headed to Chas. this weekend for the Bridge Run! And to visit Maria and her toofless self! LOL!!! PS - We'll be walking the bridge.........I don't run unless I'm being a rabid dog..............or and axe murderer!

Work is good but so busy I barely have time to think before the day is over. I realized the other day, that it has been six months since I went to work at BG. SIX MONTHS! Already!!! I feel like I just left ElliottDavis.

In other news, Rebecca Dunlap (one of Stephen's old flames) may be moving here. She stayed with us a couple of weekends ago and we had a great time showing her around G-Vegas! I hope she'll make the leap of faith and move, but like Creighton told her, she will be happy wherever she is as long as she is living the gospel.

Well, I'm off to bed since I'm old and it's 10:44 and I can barely keep my eyes open.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Okay, so Thursday is the day. I am having four teeth ripped from my living skull. YIKES!! I can't believe it. I am so sick thinking about it but I know that it will go fine. Tyler's dad is here and he will be watching TJ on Thursday while I am ALL drugged up. YES, it sure is nice to have family who are willing to come and help. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers on my behalf. For those of you who haven't heard Tyler is now President Franklin. Yes, he is the new EQ. WOW! Can't wait to see you all on Easter. One last thing, Tyler should be sewing on his stripes end of June beginning of July. Talk to you all later.

Love you


Weird Dream

Hello All...just wanted to share a really weird dream I had last night. So, basically, KT and I were kidnapped. In the dream I knew the guy, but not the girl who was involved in the kidnapping. They gave us something to knock us out to transport us, and they gave me too much so for three days I was out. Then a few days after I came to, the police sent Stephen in for negotiations. Some how Stephen related to me that he was wired and the police were outside. Shortly after Stephen got there, the kidnapper guy pulled out a shot gun and I started yelling, don't shoot my husband! (Mainly so the police would know the guy had a gun and was pointing it at Stephen.) So, then the SWAT team came storming in and we were saved! It was a weird dream, but aren't you all glad that KT and I are ok? :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Hello all! Last night I was thinking how much I enjoyed Pres. Hinkley's challenge to read the B of M. I started wishing he would challenge us again. It really got me reading! Then I remembered that one scripture that goes something like, "It is an unwise and slothful servant who must be commanded in all things." So, I thought, why wait for another challenge...JUST DO IT! So, over the next 20 weeks (counting this week) I will be trying to read the entire B of M. (That takes me to the fist week of August, right before the baby is born.) So, the reason I am posting this on the Blog is two to let everyone know so they can keep me on my toes...kind of like telling people you are on a diet and then eatting non-diet food and someone saying, "Aren't you on a diet." and thus reminding you that double fudge triple layer cake with two large scoops of real vanilla bean ice cream isn't a diet friendly food! (Man that sounds good!) Anyway, and the second reason is to invite any and all to join with me. One of the best parts about Pres. Hinkley's challenge was the fact that I had so many really great conversations about the scriptures with family members since we were all kind of in the same place at the same time. So, if you'd like to join in, great! My dad made a reading schedule and shared it with my family...and it really helped me stay on course. So, if you'd like to join in and would like a schedule, I made one similar to the one my dad made last time. Let me know, I'll e-mail it to you! Who's with me?

Monday, March 20, 2006

No Fun in Acworth

Hello all...we are just hanging out at home, in the kitchen over the linoleum, having no fun potty training today! Yes, it WILL happen. Pray for Clair and pray for my sanity! was wonderful to see you last week. We still really miss you guys.

Maria...good luck on your book show/going away party! It will totally be awesome!

Jessica...WHERE ARE YOU?

Creighton...congrats on advancing to the second round of the NIT! :) Creighton vs. Miami (Fl) tonight! Oh yeah...USC still in it too!

Tyler...Where's the stripes?

Mom & Dad...we are very excited to see you guys this weekend.

Go Tigers...beat Louisville!

Love to you all!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We are back!

Hello All!
We are back, but not really. Laundry is done, but we are still trying to get our clocks on real world time! I hope you all enjoyed the few pics I sent out. Sorry about not just posting on the blog, but the blog hates me and won't let me post pics! Maybe it's best, I might really be a blog hog if I could freely post the 200 plus pictures we took last week! :) Anyway, just wanted to post for the record, we had a wonderful time. The girls are still talking about it and Kate already has plans for the next visit. Speaking of next visit....Stephen also had so much fun he wants to go back soon...with the WHOLE family! What do you all think? Obviously due to expansions in our family...(Maria don't get any ideas or it will be two or more years before we can do this! :) it might be a while, but keep it in mind. I think it would be a blast! Anyway, like I said, I do have over 200 pics, so if you start to craving more...just let me know and I'll send out another round! Love you all...looking forward to Easter!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Some random thoughts

  1. Toofy! I still can't get over Clair's version of Goofy! I saw the pics of the vaca to DW. That looks like y'all had fun!!
  2. If you haven't heard Kate's talk yet, call her and get her to recite it for you (READ: Roz whispering it in her ear) it is soooooooooooo cute!
  3. This past weekend we went to Aiken and had a great visit w/Mom and Dad and the Lynes'. Mom and I made some cute chair back covers for the dining room chairs. We made 6...7 if you count the one that I made that was toooooooo small. I think once we get the new tablecloth made it will be smashing!
  4. I'm excited for Easter, too. It will be nice to see everyone. I counted the number of weekends we'll actually be at home for the spring and let's just say....Simpsonville 1st may think we've gone less active by the end of April. LOL!
  5. I im'd with Regina today. She's grad'ing on 5/20. I'm so excited for her and proud of her! Wow what a contrast b/t her and her brother!
  6. The teller at our bank took my "STRESSED OUT" doll for ransom....she wants me to bring her donuts as payment.........that might have to wait until Friday!!
  7. Ok I think that's all for now.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Have y'all heard of this? It's great. You can sign up to get lots of free stuff and all you have to do is talk about it to your friends and family. You should try it.

In other is good. Super busy and trying to keep my head above water. I think I say this everytime I'm on this blog. LOL! TTYL!

Friday, March 03, 2006


I am so happy to see other folks post on this here BLOG. I was thinking about changing the name to Kate's mom blogs as much as Kate talks! I felt like a total BLOG HOG! Go ahead say that one out is fun! Anyway, I just want to tell everyone hello! We are all doing well and hanging in here...we will soon be in the "Magic Kingdom" not to be confused with J.W. Kingdom Hall....we'll let you all know how things are going. (However, wireless is not free where we are staying and in true cheapness, we will most likely not be on-line but maybe once or twice in the next week! So, look for the rare post or the rare email!) We love you all and Katie...did you ever solve the putrid smelling feces issue with the dork who stinks up the bathroom which in turn stinks up the whole bank lobby? You don't want people to start calling you guys, "Bank Stinkville"! :) Love to you all!

Oh, the sleepless nights... and days

So, here we go again! TEETHING... what a joy. TJ is teething AGAIN! This time I think it is his two front teeth on the top. We have had many sleepless nights again. Ahhhh, the joys of motherhood. I haven't written in like forever, and so I thought I would take a few minutes while TJ is actually resting well and update everyone on the Franklin family situation. Let's see.... Tyler applied for a job in Key West but did not get it, so he is looking again for another place to go. The other night he called me in the back to ask me how I felt about Naples, Italy? I said cool! Whatever! I mean he is the one that has to work there not me. :0) Tyler is dealing with a stinking cold and I am dealing with two young men who can't sleep at night. The other night EVERYONE was up at our house at 2:30am. Tyler couldn't breathe and thought he needed to puke, TJ was screaming and I was just trying to figure out how I missed all of this when I signed up to be a wife and mother. J/K We had a great trip home to Aiken and loved spending time with mom and dad and even CaCa Crash! I am going to run and maybe just maybe I will get my hair actually dried and then have a moment of peace to read my new Mary Higgins Clark book. I love you all!



PS Jessica how did the sub thing work out for you?

PPS Roz thanks for the American Idol chat!

PPPS KT seriously if you are going to play pranks at work at least do it right!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I finally got five minutes to myself

Well that's not entirely true. I'm on hold right now with Fiserv Support. But it's the same right? I'm just listening to their cheezy on hold music. Which reminds me. I think I've found a royalty free cd that are going to use for hold music at the bank. Now I've got to go buy a cheap Durabrand cd player so Joey (the telecomm guy) can jerry-rig it for us. LOL!

Have I ever told y'all about my little friend at work? Her name is Cameron. Her grandmother (may she rest in peace) was this old southern lady. She didn't say her n's. So when she said Cameron's name it sounded like "Camera."'s only funny if you hear it!

Yesterday Camera decided she would pretend she was five again and put a "Kick Me" post-it on the back of the head teller (Judy). I (of course) had to assist her with this. But I didn't stick it hard enough and it fell off. All of this unprofessional behaviour occured whilst I was (once again) on hold with Fiserv support.

Let's see.......what else. Oh! I'm throwing a baby shower for an old friend on Saturday. Nicole Tallon...she's from Gaffney. Her name used to be Nicole Rice. Her baby is due in April. Mimi used to set up play dates for me with her when I stayed with them in the summer time. She's in my ward now in Simpsonville. She's also my VT'er. Anyway, you know what JCL and I will be doing on Friday night. Cleaning house. UGH!

We had our bball tourney last weekend. My girls made it to the final round and we lost to Gville 2nd. They are really good, but horrible sports. Not gracious at all! Bobby Gorski tried to get the women's team (which I play on) to play in a tourney at the end of March, but we'd end up playing G'ville 2nd in the final and I can't play the mother of those Gville 2nd girls. I'd probably intentionally foul her and that's just not Christlike. :)

Ok...I'm AUDI A6....ttyl!