Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oh Kate!

So, about two weeks ago, Kate notices a school bus driving by. She asks why the school buses are still going by when school is out for the summer. I told her that some kids don't do well in school and so they have to go to summer school to get extra help.

Fast forward two weeks...this afternoon we are eating lunch when the school bus goes by. Kate says, "There goes the school bus. I wish I hadn't done so well in preschool so I could be going to summer school. Although, I mostly like the playing part."

I about fell over laughing. Where do these thoughts come from? Like preschool was a pass or fail situation? Too funny!

Monday, June 26, 2006

What a Lucky Kid

TJ sure is lucky to have such a great family and so many great friends. He had a SUPER 1st birthday. I wish that Stephen and Roz and the girls could have been here, but we really want her to WAIT and have that baby. Ya know!!! :) Anyhoo..... I did want to say THANK YOU, to everyone who helped out. You guys are the best. Mom, KT, Jessica, and even Roz all helped me either here or talking me through it on the phone (thanks Roz). I love you all.

Thanks dad, for helping Tyler so much. I love you all.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

She's growing up too fast...

Hello All...I tired to post some pics today on the BLOG, but it wouldn't let me. However, it would let me post on the Call BLOG. Go and figure. (Normally I can't post pictures at all!) Anyway, I want you guys to see the funny picture I got of Clair...she got caught playing in my make up bag. Check out the Call Blog so you can see them!

Love you all!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

Hope you all had a great Father's Day. We had a pretty good one...except that Clemson lost their baseball game. They can't lose anymore or they will be sent home. :( We were all pretty sad about it. I am hopeful they can rebound and move on. It wasn't the way Stephen wanted his Father's Day to end, I am sure. But he did a good job of letting it go!

We did have a wonderful dinner. Stephen grilled steaks and we had baked sweet pots (with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon) and a tossed mixed greens salad with hard rolls. It was SOOOOO yummy! Clair didn't much care for the sweet pots which is sad considering how much she liked them as a baby. She kept saying, "There is hair in my mouth!" They are a bit fibery! Kate loved it all. She kept saying, "this is the best stake ever dad!" or "This is the best sweet potato ever mom." Then for dessert we had some of my yummy homemade peach ice cream. It was all fantastic! Stephen bought these HUGE steaks, so it looks like we will get to enjoy this meal again as we had left overs! You should see the sweet potato Stephen was the size of a football! :) Lucky for me he couldn't finish it all! It did take almost two hours to cook! Crazy boy...that's what I get for sending him into store while I waited in the car with girls. I can't complain, he did a great job picking out the steaks...even though they were rather large too!

Hope you all had an enjoyable Fathers Day! Wish we could be there next weekend so we could all be together! Our thoughts will be with you!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good News.....Moving Forward

Just a quick post to say........good news! I had my baseline ultrasound today and my first blood work up. I passed and everything looks good. We are officially moving forward (see previous post for more detailed info. LOL!) See ya'!


I don't mean to make you all jealous...but I got to drink Glucola today! Orange flavored! Yes, it was time for my glucose test. Hopefully I pass it and don't have to do the three hour one. (Last time, with Clair, I failed the one hour test by ONE stinking point and I had to do the three hour test which I easily passed.) Anyway, I also got my finger pricked, and I also got my RH factor shot (since I am O+ and Stephen is A-). That dog hurts like the dirty devil himself! Anyway, so I am feeling a bit like a pin cushion today! Oh well, it is all for Bowen and therefore worth it! Anyway, just wanted to give a little update post.

Not much else going on. Kate got an invitation last night to a birthday party...for a friend at church, Cory. She is SO excited, but little Clair is heart broken she was not invited. So, Stephen told her he would take her on a date. So, she is happy about that, but gets a little sad every time Kate talks about the party (which as I am sure you can imagine, is constantly!) Saturday night can't come fast enough for Kate. It is a pirate party and she even wants to dress like a pirate! I told her that is not required! Crazy girl.

Well, we hope you all have a great week. Call and chat!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lupron, Baby Aspirin, and shots to the Belly

We had our injection class yesterday. That was fun! Can I just say that in vitro is a Yuppie thing if I've ever seen it! One of the other couples in the class could have been our twins....our skinny twins.

Tomorrow is a big day. Our first day of injections. Creighton has to give me a 10 unit (0.5 mg) shot of Lupron in my belly ("right on the fat pad" as Noreen - our instructor- put it) and 81mg of baby aspirin. (Did I buy the big kid kind? The Bayer "swallow me whole"? No, I bought the "kid chew me up" kind! I need some laughs in this!) So the shots go in my tummy, right on the fat pad. I laughed out loud and said "I got plenty of that!" And we do that for four days, then discontinue my birth control pills but continue the Lupron and baby aspirin. Then on the 10th of June we start anti-biotics for me and Creighton (2x's a day each), 5 units of Lupron in the morning, 2 vials of Repronex in the morning, one vial of Gonal F in the evening, and baby aspirin, and prenatal vitamins, and extra folic acid, and some other junk to lower my Prolactin level since evidently my body wants to produce milk like nobody's business (see: for more information)!

Then on the 10th we get re-evaluated on meds, etc. So really this won't be hard b/c I only have nine days to keep track of. Then we get re-eval'd and it will probably change.

Some time around the 18th (but could be as late at the 22nd) we'll start looking at extraction. Outpatient...have to take the day off. No perfume, hair products, deodorant, etc. Even Creighton can't wear any of that stuff. Then about three days later we do transfer, outpatient, no perfume, hair products, deodorant, etc. Even Creighton....we're gonna be stinky!

Then we wait.............................................12 days! This will be the longest two weeks of our lives. Just so you know.

Well....I know no one asked, but there's the update on the next month of our lives. Oh and this is all (fantastically so) right in the middle of the World Cup! Actually it works out well for JCL b/c he'll have two days to sit at home with me and he can just watch soccer! LOL!

Random Thought Transistion: We had a fantabulous visit w/ Stephen and Rosalind and the l'il chicas for Memorial Day. We ate way too much food and the girls we a lot of fun! I enjoyed seeing big ol' Rozzie's belly. That kid is gonna drop right outta her! The girls were a lot of fun. Clair seemed really taken w/ Creighton. I guess they all go through that phase. LOL! We scored a great hotel in Buckhead while we were there. It was the Doubletree and we got it for $50 a night!!!!! Gotta love Priceline.

Well......we're off to Chucktown for the rest of our vacation. We'll be there through Saturday. Hope all is well w/ y'all.....keep in touch.

Talented Jessica

So, the other day I was sitting at the table with Kate doing some school work. (She will do it for hours!) She asked if I knew how to make the color purple. I said, "No, how?" and she told me you need to mix red and blue. Then she showed me with her markers she was using. I told her I was impressed she knew that and she said, "My Aunt Jessica taught me that. You know mom, she is so talented!" I agreed. Then Kate said, "She can draw Mickey Mouse & Mortimer Mouse, she can play the piano really well, and sing and be an actress. She has SO many talents and all I am good at is helping." I told her, she already has many talents and that if she wanted to have as many talents as Jessica she needs to work really hard. I told her Aunt Jessica has been working her whole life to develop her talents and that is what she would have to do. If she wanted to have a talent as a ballet dancer, she would have to work really hard at ballet, etc. Obviously, she thinks Jessica is the greatest...don't we all! Love you Jessica! Thanks for being a good role model and for giving me that teaching moment!