Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Buzz, Woody, a Train Set...bada bing....CHRISTMAS!

Christmas 2009 was building up in my mind to be the best Christmas ever. People told me that once I had kids, Christmas would take on this whole new meaning. It would be all about them and I would be so excited to see them open their gifts. So as the Christmas holiday approached, I saw this prophecy coming to fruition. I was so excited! I couldn't wait for the boys to open their gifts or at least see them sitting on the couch Christmas morning.

But almost a week before Christmas the boys and I came down with a wicked stomach bug. We left the church Christmas party early because it was sleeting.

It was a good thing because Alex threw up on the way home. As soon as we got in the door Ben threw up in the living room. About and hour later I threw up. There was a lot of vomiting going on! After nursing us all back to health, Creighton came down with it. We had illness in our house for five full days. But we were all well in time for Christmas Eve.

This pic is of Alex and Ben with Santa at the Christmas party. Ben was not case you can't tell.

Christmas Even night we went to Stephen and Rosalind's house and enjoyed reading the Christmas story together. It was a fun way to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Rosalind also had a fun kids activity to help explain the Christmas story. The kids realliy loved it. So

Creighton and I stayed up late and waited for Santa and helped him put out all their gifts. I wa so excited for Christmas morning I could hardly stand it. I wondered if the boys would sleep late or wake up early. As soon as I heard the softest sound from their room on Christmas morning, I went in to get them up. But to them it was just like any other morning. They wanted to come in our room and watch TV while we got ready. They weren't interested in going downstairs just yet and didn't fully understand why they were wearing special green pajamas.

As you can see here, they weren't too happy about being forced to come downstairs and they certainly weren't happy about having their picture taken!

But eventually they were persuaded to take a look.

This is the train set they got. By far this is their favorite gift.

They inspected everything before touching it. Like they couldn't believe it was ALL for them!

Alex showing off his Buzz and Woody dolls.

Creighton and I were expecting something akin to the Nintendo 64 Kid but alas we were sorely disappointed. It was kind of anti-climactic. We thought the day was going to be this wonderful, laid back day when the boys wouldn't fight and we'd have a totally easy day just hanging out, eating good food and the boys would play with their new toys in the floor while we watched a movie. No such luck! For them it was a regular day......with some new toys added. Oh well! Can't blame a girl for dreamin' right?

Speaking of dreamin'......I'm so excited for next Christmas. I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning!!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

So, in true SC fashion, we don't get snow, we get ice! The kid were so excited to go out and play! I kept telling them it isn't like is hard, sharp, and crunchy - you can't build snowmen or snowballs, or make snow ice! It is good for nothing! Well, I was wrong! I finally agreed to let them go out! Our sweet neighbors across the street were out looking for their teenagers. They had sleds and everything. Well, next thing I know Mrs. Laura was taking my kids sledding. She offered me a sled, but after breaking my nose last year sledding, I declined! But she spent the next 45 plus minutes going up and down the icy hill with my kids. Sadly, it wasn't until after I brought Kate in that I thought to get my I have no photos of Kate! :(
Here is Bowen, Clair and Mrs. Laura! That little sled was flying! My kids LOVED it! (The sled was Mr. Craig's when he was a little boy! They don't make them like that anymore!) Here they are at the bottom of the hill!
Climbing the hill for the hundredth time. Shortly after this Bowen was ready to go in. But not Clair. Finally Stephen had to just say enough! I think she would have let Mrs. Laura sled with her all day!
For repayment I brought Craig and Laura (and Stephen) out some yummy tres leche carmel hot chocolate! Mrs Laura really earned hers! I am so grateful for such sweet neighbors!