Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kate the "Toothless Wonder"

That title comes directly from the two teeth less mouth of Kate!
Tonight Kate lost her first teeth - and not a moment too soon! She was looking to be the only 2nd grader who hadn't lost a tooth! She was pretty brave - or as she told my mom - "I only did two small screams!" Look at those tiny little teeth!
Clair was very disgusted by all the blood!

Kate thought the blood made her look like something from a "scary movie" - thus the scary face!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kate, a slide, and a one arm swim!

Kate was really nervous about going down the slide at first, but after her first time, she was a pro! She even learned how to swim to the side by herself - with her one hand plug nose one arm swim! Way to go Kate!

Our Texas Tornado of a Trip!

Our trip to Texas this summer was GREAT!

No family get together would be complete with out a family photo session! It was hot as a pepper, but we braved the heat and got some great photos! We went to some ruins of an old church. I will let Britni post the family pictures as they were taken with her camera! Here are some of the snap shots I got...

Two wild men - Jack and Bowen! Kate - what a beauty!

Best cousins - Kate and Brooklyn!

The girls in their Mexican dresses!



The ruins

NO trip to Texas is complete without a stop at Rudy's Barbecue! Ummmm, ummmm, GOOD! I could eat that brisket every day! LOVE IT!

I just love the atmosphere at Rudy's - it is so Texas and it makes my heart (and tummy) happy!

We also enjoyed an evening swim at the Fernandez home! They were so sweet to let the kids and adults swim, while Joel and Stephen went out and shot up an old car! Everyone had fun!

Here is Papa and his boys!

My mermaid Kate!

Papa and Aunt Britni with Kate!

Clair was SO scared - Jerry was kind enough to help her get to the half way point and then slide down! Once was enough for her!

Kate on the slide! She didn't have her nose plug!

A few days later Aunt Emily graciously treated everyone to a trip to the San Antonio children's museum! It was great fun!
Here is Kate in a bubble!

Bowen and Jack brushing some teeth!

Papa being checked out by Dentist Clair!

Papa measuring up to "The Admiral" - David Robinson one of the greatest players in the NBA!

I just didn't get enough pictures this trip! I missed Jack's birthday, the 4th of July, playing on Fort Primos (the play ground papa built in his backyard), Incredible Pizza, and the kids painting art on papa's fence! It was a great trip! We love Texas, but it is good to be home!