Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Old Wyoming

Sorry it has been a while. We are doing great though. We really do love it here. The weather isn't that bad and once you get use to fighting the wind on the way to the car and you can convince some stranger in the Wal-Mart parking lot to hold your car door while you put your kid in the car (so that it doesn't hit the car parked next to you) then everything is swell. We do really like it here though, I think most of you were hoping that we would hate it and then maybe try and get transferred before 2 1/2 years but sorry no such luck here. We are loving life. Tyler is settling into his job. He got his first calling he is the Teacher Improvement guy for EQ. He makes sure there are teachers and that the schedule for lessons is being followed. This calling is a blessing becuase he needs to finish school. I got a calling as well. I am going to be the CTR7/8 teacher. I am teaching the little ones getting baptized, what a great age. I haven't started yet because the Primary Pres is allowing me to get TJ aclimated to the Nursery. He is doing OK with it. We have got him going to bed at night without screaming and throwing up and he is sleeping through the night. We love that. Tyler is home today and is working on clearing our family's personal ice skating rink (it is really just a solid piece of ice covering our driveway). It looks like fun to me. Well I love you all.