Saturday, November 10, 2007

Got A Lot Done

Well, we got a lot done this weekend. After snuggling with the boys a little on Saturday morning and feeding them breakfast, they went down for a nap. Creighton and I were able to clean and organize the garage as it was starting to look really junky. We are so happy that we can walk around our cars now with out having to maneauver around toys and other assorted junk.

The boys were so good for us when we went to lunch and to Clairs 4th birthday party! Happy Birthday Cwair Bear! We love you girlie.

They are such sweet little guys. Speaking of, here's another pic from the set I took of them in matching outfits sitting on the love seat.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Our li'l punkins

How cute are these little guys?


I must say these are the best looking Wizard of Oz Characters I've ever seen. They are so cute. I really like the Cowardly Lion, he's a real tuff looking lion. What can I say they are our grandchildren and to quote a lady in the shop "I have the prettiest grandchildren" - Can't argue with that. Hope they all had fun. Love, Oma