Friday, January 22, 2010

Smart Kiddos!

I am just bursting with pride...the good kind...for how well my kids are doing in school. They are so well behaved, and are smart and work so hard. Kate made the principals honor roll again and also got back some great standardized tests scores. Clair also did really well (no true grades for Kindergarten) and is just really learning and growing SO much! And, if I had to give Bowen grades for being my little helper at home...of course he would be making all good marks too! Way to go Bright really are...well...BRIGHT! :)
Thanks to our good friend for this cute photo! I will make sure you all get copies soon!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Years Eve

We invited a few friends over (we had 13 people total) for a Beatles Rock Band New Years Eve party...or Ringo'ed in the new year! Get it Ringo...Beatles...ok...
So we set up a big screen in the sun room and KT and Creighton brought their projector and we rocked out and ate (we had SO much yummy food it was insane) for several hours. Here is one the the groups playing! Here is some talking and eating...

Here is the all girl PJ band!

Here is all the married ladies...all the married ladies...since they liked it then they went and put a ring on it! Oh oh!

Creighton was real serious about the singing!

Kate and her bad girl rocker self! :)
It was a fun night! Happy New Years!

Friday, January 01, 2010

The Sunday After Christmas

The Sunday after Christmas I asked Stephen to take the kids outside and take some photos of them in their new clothes from Oma and Opa! They looked so cute! Stephen was so frustrated because they wouldn't all look at the camera! (He's just now figuring this out?) :)
See the kids far away....that's them! :) (Look at the poor wind blown greenery on the front of the house! The wind had been horrible!)
Up close, but once again, not all looking! But dang they are cute! Thanks for the cute clothes Oma and Opa!

Christmas Day

We were so happy to have Oma and Opa with us to celebrate Christmas! Here are Bowen's gifts from Santa!
Here are Kate's (left) and Clair's (right) gifts from Santa!

Here are the three little monkey's waiting to see what Santa brought them!

Run, run, run to see what you got! Oma and Opa were left behind in the dust!

Kate so happy to get a DSi! (Sorry the picture is shows her true joy!)

Bowen and his train and bike!

Clair and her beloved violin! She loves it so much!

Yoyo Stephen playing Bach concerto in G minor!

Clair just loved her violin! She wants to play it all the time!

Look at those eyes! She can't get enough of it!

Bowen watching his train go through the tunnel!
It was a great day! The kids were happy, and the parents were happy, and the Oma and Opa were happy! What a great day!

Christmas Sunday

The kids all got new clothes from my mom and dad. They were more than happy to show them off! Here is Clair in her lovely dress. Clair sang a duet with Aunt Jessica at church! She sounded wonderful as did Jessica! Thanks Jessica!
Kate really loved her pink dress!

My handsome GQ man!

Gingerbread FHE

A few weeks before Christmas we we made gingerbread house for family home evening! Kate working hard on her house!
Clair color coordinated her house!

Bowen got by with a little help from his dad!

Clair's finished house...personalized with a big "C"

Proud was so happy with his house...and with all the candy he got to eat!

Kate finished product! It was so messy, but the kids loved it!