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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Trying Something New

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa Visits Chessington Lane

I thought this pic of the Bright Kids was too cute. It was neat to see them visit with Santa by our Christmas Tree. I'm so glad that he took time out of his busy schedule to come see the girls and Bowen.

Watch for next week's post when we will announce what we're having. Our u/s is at 2:00 on the 19th.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shamu on ICE at the Zoo

Okay so not really, but.... we did go to see Shamu and then an exhibit at The Gaylord Palms in Orlando called ICE. The event was really talked about and we went, it was neat but highly overrated and priced. TJ has been such a trooper on our vacation. We left on Friday, November the 17th and drove to Kissimmee FL and spent 5 days going to Sea World, Downtown Disney, and ICE exhibit. We also went to the Luau one night at Sea World. TJ's favorite part was the drums and fire dancers. Tyler's favorite part was the coconut bras.. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Then we drove to Key West, FL to see the new baby... Baby Andrew Thomas Franklin who is such a cutie, he will really melt your heart. Then after only a short 2 day stint in Key West we drove to Tampa and dropped off Nana Smith and then headed to New Port Richey, FL which is only 40 minutes from Tampa. Monday we went to the Lowry Park Zoo, one of Tyler Sr.'s favorite places as a kid. TJ loved it. He got to see a 1 month old Elephant. He also got an upclose and personal view of a giraffe. He was happy as a clam. Then we have just spent the rest of the time hangin' out with Mama Bear and Papa Bear. I think we are leaving in the morning (Friday Dec 1st). Can you believe it is already Dec. Tyler and I are so excited about getting back home and then turning around to travel again to see all of you. We really missed you guys at Thanksgiving, but I was snuggling with my newest nephew. Sooooo.... I can't complain. We love you all so much.


The "On the Road Again" Franklin Clan

PS Just so you know....

Pic #1 Mommy and TJ at Downtown Disney

Pic #2 Daddy and TJ at Sea World with who else... SHAMU

Pic #3 TJ in his fashionable blue parka at the ICE exhibit

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Creighton Gloats

This is from JCL for all the CU fans in our family.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Y'all Some Slackers

I haven't posted in two weeks and guess what? I'm the last poster! What's up w/ y'all? Ok, so I recorded Clair doing "She just wikes me for ma' bawdy" on my phone and it has gotten HIGH laughs at work today. She is sooooooo funny! I swear some of the stuff the comes out of her mouth. I just can't believe it.

Yesterday was restful as we spent the whole day sleeping and straightening up the house. It was nice to have a relaxing day. We were both so wiped from all the travel and the game that we didn't make it to church yesterday.

Well, not much else to say today. I go back to the OB doc on the 19th of Dec. so keep us in your prayers and pray that the twins aren't shy that day so we can see what they are!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Not Much

Hello All. Not much to blog about today. We had a nice weekend. Stephen, Roz and the girls were here. They left early to go look at houses and I just hung out and watched TV after they left. Creighton and I went to his boss's son's 1st birthday party later that afternoon. It was fun. But you know how 1st birthday parties are....more for the adults. So they were all boozin' it up. Creighton I steadily sipping Coke (him) and Ginger Ale (me). It was fun though. John and Maggie's house is gorgeous!

We also got to have dinner w/ Shannon on Saturday night and that was fun. We spent about 45 minutes talking about how great Thanksgiving dinner is and how we couldn't wait to eat our Mom's Sweet potato Souffle or Cornbread stuffing! Mmmmmmmm....my tummy's growling just thinking about it!

My RS Pres is moving to Utah and I'm so sad because I just love her. I'm sure I'll be released this time since this is the second Pres I've served under. I love serving in RS way more than I thought I ever would. It's been a nice surprise.

Creighton has been working very hard lately and so we don't get to see each other much in the evenings. So our weekends are super precious time together. He was released on Sunday from the EQP'cy and is now the Membership Clerk in our ward. The other two guys in the clerk's office are really cool and laid back. I think he'll like serving with them.

Oh, I went to the doc last Friday. I've told you all this already, I think. He really ticked me off with the whole fetal heart monitor non-chalant attitude. It just irked me. I'm positive everything is fine, but after 12 weeks you're supposed to STOP worrying. And now that thought is just hanging around in the back of my head. UGH! I'm going to say something to him the next time I'm in the office.

I did figure out why he irritated me so badly. It's funny b/c the thing that I loved about him when he was just my Gynecologist is the one thing that irritates me to no end now that he's my OB. See......he's in and out w/ the whole yearly check up. And I liked that then. I didn't want to spend a lot of time with my feet in stirrups (please no comments about the pending future when I will spend hours in sirrups!). I just want him to do the pap, examine and be done. But now that I'm a new mom-to-be, I want him to spend time with me and the fact that he doesn't BUGS!

Well, that's all from G-Vegas. I'll talk to you all soon. :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

"Fall" in love with the Mountains

We took a little family outings up to the north GA mountains. The girls loved it. We went to Amlicola Falls. I didn't get a picture of the base of the falls because I was feeding Bowen when Stephen took the girls to see it. But the top was beautiful!

Happy Jack's Pumpkin Patch

Just thought I would post some pics from our trip to Happy Jack's Pumpkin Patch. We took a hayride and then checked out the rest of the joint. TJ's favorite part was the goats, even the one that kept headbutting his hand. TJ would just laugh and turn around and try to pet the goat again.

Love you all!!!

Keeping it Real in Chucktown

Well, at least we are pretending to keep it real in Chucktown. Tyler was officially released from his duties as EQ and that was kind of a relief but also a bit sad. I know that even though the calling was tough he will miss it. What he won't miss is all the calls from all the crazies. :) TJ is doing well. He would be a whole lot better if he could cut these 4 teeth that are making his nose run and making him drool. Now, me... I am just trying to make some since out of all this CRAP we call our things around here. I want to try and weed out the CRAP and get rid of the CRAP before we move. My neighbor Laura and I are having a Yard Sale on Saturday. So... maybe someone else will find treasure in my CRAP. I hope everyone is doing well. It was sure nice to spend the day with Mom, Dad, KT, Creighton, Grandaddy, and Betsy, and even ol' crippled Jessica on Saturday. I wish that the reason for getting together could have been a more cheery reason. Mom and Dad we appreciate the lunch and the ride. Thanks for looking out for us. We owe you guys. I am attaching a pic of TJ on the move as usual. Enjoy.

Love to you all


Monday, October 30, 2006

No More MEDS!

Last Tuesday was the last day that I had to take any fertility medication. I'm so happy that all I take now is prenatal vitamins. It's sooooooooooooo nice to not have to remember that stuff anymore.

I have a doc appt next Friday. I'm thinking I might take the day off just because I have two vaca days left and I really want to take them so I won't lose them.

We went to the ATL this weekend and had a lot of fun. We spent Saturday at the High and saw the exhibit that they have from the Louvre. Shannon met us there. There were so many people and it was mobbed. We were starving after we got done, so we went to lunch. Unfortunately we missed Kate and Clair's birthday party. :( They didn't seem to notice. We gave them their birthday presents later and they seemed to really like those.

We played Trouble (our gift to Kate) with her on Sunday. She didn't quite grasp it but I think she's getting there. It's a quick moving game so their interest isn't lost so quickly.

Clair was excited to ger her Polly Pocket. I'm not sure what the attraction is there for little girls but all 3-7 year olds that I know LOVE Polly!

Seeing Bowen blessed on Sunday was a great experience. I was nice to see my brother bless his son. Bowen is the sweetest thing. He NEVER cries, I promise! Oh I can only hope I have two babies like Bowen.

I'm soooooooo ready for Thanksgiving. I have three days off that weekend and I'm ready!

Well, I guess I'll post more after the appt w/ the doc next Fri.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

Here are pictures from our FHE outing to the Pumpkin Patch!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fashion Update

Hello All! Here is Bowen in his stylin Sunday outfit...we call this one...Preppy Bowen! He didn't really like being in this chair. He didn't cry, but you can see above, he did "yell" at me.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Long Time No Blog

Well, it's been a while since I posted. Things here are moving right along. I am 10 1/2 wks preg according to Dr. Gower. I really thinks it's further than that, but whatever.

It's rainy here today so everyone's kind of in a yucky mood. It is really cold outside. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 80's. Go figure.

Well, I thought I'd also post some pics since everyone else is. Here are our babies.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

P. Diddy Bowen

Yo! Yo! Yo! Bowen was pimped out for church today! We nick named this outfit, "The P. Diddy Baby Blue Striped Pimped Up Suit". Doesn't he look ready to attend the Hip Hop Awards here in the ATL? Hey even gangstas cry!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Oma & Opa had a farm....

E I E I O!

Here are some pictures of the girls helping Oma and Opa plant their winter garden. They had a blast planting the starter plants and playing in the dirt. They also liked helping Opa use the tiller! Thanks Mom and Dad for making our stay so memorable for the girls!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jessica Stinks...I mean Sphinx

Here are some pictures Maria took of the kids with Jessica after we went to her play. Notice there are none of TJ...that is because he would have NOTHING to do with Jessica in her "get-up". Not even when she took off her wig! It was funny. I esp. love the one of Bowen...he looks like he is being tortured....what caption would YOU put for that picture...add your comment below!

More Cotton!

Here are a few more...