Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We're back!

Hello Family!We are home.
We got home around 7:00ish Sunday night. On the other side of Atlanta, Clair informed us she had to go poop. I asked her if she could hold it because we'd be home in about 15 minutes. She said, she could. To be honest I really didn't think she'd go. We had stopped several times on her request to go to the bathroom and then she didn't go. I think she was just wanting out of her car seat. Anyway, so we got home and she was still clean. So Stephen and I started to unload the van and the girls were playing in the yard. I was getting a bag and noticed Clair standing over to the side. She had her going poop face on and she looked up at me and said in a strained voice, "Auhhhhh, poop!" I about fell over laughing! I guess she did have to go! Too bad she didn't tell me so I could have taken her to the potty!

I sent out pics today to everyone. Hope I didn't over load anyone's mail box. We had lots of fun and we really loved being with Brooklyn (AKA Texas Tornado...as Em nick-named her!) She is so cute and her laugh is way too darling. The girls already miss her. While I was looking through pics to send, Kate commented on one of all three girls together. She said, "Oh isn't that picture so cute. You know what makes it so cute?" "What", I said. She responded, "Brooklyn, because Brooklyn is in the picture it is cute!" We really did have fun hanging out with Brit and Brooklyn during the day.

Stephen enjoyed Mexico. He gained a new knowledge on a country he had heard lots about but had never been too. It might have softened his heart a little in regards to the whole immigration thing...but not too much. Of course we all agree there is some serious work that has to be done with that issue. Anyway, he was impressed with the service and also how inexpensive things were. However, he said he has no desire to live there. Good, neither do I! :)

We enjoyed having KT and Creighton for a visit on Memorial Day. The girls loved it too. They talked NON-STOP the whole day. Clair was quite taken with Uncle Creighton or as she says, "Treighton". When she got in trouble and I sent her to her room she cried to me, "I want my Uncle Treighton". I said, "He can't help you now!" Then later we went to a store and I said, "Hold my hand in the parking lot." And Clair said, "I want to hold Uncle Treighton's hand." Poor Creighton, he was a good sport...even reading to the girls and playing the pizza game. We miss KT and Creighton. When they left, Stephen said, "Boy, I miss living near them and hanging out." I feel the same way!

Well, I better go. I have some things to do before Stephen gets home.

Love you all!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Haven't posted in a while....

Well it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so here goes.

I don’t know what to say except that our lives are still so nuts! We had a crazy but fun weekend. I helped throw a baby shower for my Visiting Teacher. She’s so sweet and due any day now. I just love her. She just called me earlier today to see if I could go to lunch on Thursday. Her name is Nicole and her companion is Nicole Tallon (Rice) who I used to play with when I would stay w/ Mimi and Papa. Nicole Tallon just had a baby girl a few weeks ago. Her name is Anna Kate and she is adorable. So both of my VT'ers were preggers!

After the baby shower my friend from Columbia, Dawn, came to visit. We had a blast! We went shopping, which as you all know…for me means rummaging through the big pile of junk that is Marshall’s. I spent a grand total of $5.25. We had fun making fun of the silly fashions that are in style now.....like gouchos. Whomever brought those back into style needs to strung up and SHOT!

Sunday was a great day!! We had two really good youth speakers and a special musical number by the Primary. Then one of the men in our ward gave a great talk about Motherhood. I really enjoyed it.

Today, though, is back to the grind. I’m going to try to hit the gym after work, but we’ll see how that goes. I haven’t been in three weeks!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

....and a Kate quote too!

The end of last week, Kate started to have some issues going to the bathroom...number 2 to be exact. (Disney World repeat!) She refers to this as "having the poop infection". (Her term not ours!) Anyway, after two days of issues, I got on the internet to look up which cereals and fruits and veggies have the most fiber. So, I am going through this list and asking her, "Do you like this?" or "Do you like that?" Anyway, she asks, "What are you doing?" I told her I was looking at a list of the foods that have lots of fiber to help her with her bathroom problem. She then says (completely serious), "What, are you on the poop web-site?" I honestly doubled over laughing, which I shouldn't have, because now she says it every time I am on the computer. However, it was funny. Anyway, just wanted to share...they both say the funniest things!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Crazy Quotes By Clair

So, yesterday, we were on the phone to family and Clair goes and gets like a MILLION tissues. She had this HUGE wad as big as her head! Kate came running to me and of course had to tattle. I went around and corner and there she was with her cranium sized wad of tissue. I said, "Clair, for the love of Nancy...what are you doing?" She says (in her most calm, plain, everyday, whats the big deal voice) "I have to blow my noes." Then she proceeds to put her tiny little face into that huge wad of tissue and make her mousey little attempt at blowing her noes. I would have lost if laughing if I was so mad about the fact that she just wasted almost an entire box of tissues!

Clair is almost over this one, but she is finally getting the hang of saying the prayer. However, she started saying something about Jesus, but Stephen and I couldn't figure out what it was. Then one day Kate said, "Clair, how come you bless that Jesus will get fixed?" (Kate obviously speaks Clair-ish.) "Clair said, "Because he has holes in his hands and feet." It made me happy to realize that she does pay attention in FHE...since we had several lessons about this before Easter.

Finally, both my girls are totally crazy about George Strait. I have his 50 number one hits in the van and we listen to it all the time...as requested by Kate and Clair. Kate's favs are "Baby Blue" and "Ocean Front Property". Clair loves "Baby Blue" (as well) and "All My Ex's Live in Texas". They both sing at the top of their lungs. While we were at church for the Cinco de Mayo party we weren't allowed to call Cinco de Mayo (long story if you haven't already heard) Clair got on a piano in the room off the kitchen and started playing and singing "Baby Blue". It was too cute.

Anyways, we are looking forward to a short week as we will be camping this weekend for Mothers Day. We are ALL so excited, esp the girls. We have fishing, paddle boating, hiking, playground playing, and bird watching on our list. Tonight for FHE we will be planning food. Kate's main concern is marshmellow to roast! We go on Thursday and will be back Saturday in order to get ready for church. (Pray for nice but cool weather!) The following weekend we will be on our way to Texas. Stephen is going to Monteray, Mexico and the girls and I will stay with my mom and dad. It will be great to see them, esp since they have never seen me full on in the radient beauty of pregnancy...I am being very sarcastic! :) Anyway, we hope you all have a great week! Love to you all!

We're BACK.......

We are back and better than ever.... NOT really! I mean we did have a REALLY great time. We got there Saturday evening and went to Wal-Mart and got groceries, then back to the resort for some much needed Hot Tub time. Then Sunday we drove to New Port Richey and spent the day with Tom and Laura. That turned out to be lots of fun. We took TJ to the park and he had a blast. Then we headed back to Orlando. We got up Monday and got ready for Sea World. It was great. We started our day off with the Dolphin show.... WOW!!!! Then we head out for other shows. TJ slept in the stroller or in our arms and was such a trooper. We stayed until the park closed at 7pm. When we got back to the resort we ate dinner and then went to the park and played. TJ loved it. He slept great every night. Tuesday, Tyler took me to the doctor, I had a REALLY horrid sore throat and I needed antibiotics. I am much better now. When we got back from the doctor we found TJ and the rest of the crew at the pool. TJ loved it. Tyler and I swam and played in the sand with TJ. TJ fell asleep down by the pool. We hung out for about 3o more minutes and then took him back to the room. He slept for another hour and half. We got ready and went back to Sea World. AGAIN another great day. We got home at 7:30. Wednesday was Busch Gardens and that was great as well. TJ really enjoyed the kid play area. We left Busch Gardens about 7:00. TJ stayed awake the whole hour back to Orlando, but crashed hard core that night and slept in until 8:30 the next day. Tyler and I went to the Orlando Temple Thursday morning and that was really cool. I will tell you guys all about it another time. Then we had family pictures made at the resort and went to Sea World then swimming. Friday we packed up and headed out around 9 am. What a great week we had.

We are glad to be home but are planning a return trip in October. Big D and Little D said that want us to come back in OCT. So we will see.

Love to you all

The Tan Franklin Fam