Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer Reading AllStars

The kids all read (or listened to) 50 books this summer and earned a free ticket to the Greenville Drive baseball game! They were part of the pre-game "show". They got their names on the jumbo-tron...(Stephen was only able to catch Clair's!) and got to walk around the field!
Here we are posing for the camera and daddy!

Bowen giving the baseball player a high five!

Bowen and Daddy watching the game!

Clair...all smiles!

Kate watching the game!

The kids with the field as a back drop!

Next to a photo of Shoeless Joe Jackson...the local baseball legend!

We didn't get to stay for the whole was a school night! But the kids had fun and the Greenville Drive stadium is amazing!

Way to go kiddos!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bowen's 3rd Birthday Party

So, I wasn't very good at taking photos all through the party. As a matter of fact, the kids had been there for over 30 minutes before I remembered to take a photo! Then I got busy and forgot again! It is just too much to host and to photograph! But here are a few I got (or my friend Susan took for me)!

So, the kids were playing upstairs, just making a racket and this is what I found. Bowen standing on the toy box singing his lungs out while Briggs played the drums, Owen was mixing on the computer, Ryan watched the show, and Halie baked! It was cute!

Then we ate some yummy hot dogs! I love this group of kiddos!

Owen - Bowen's partner in crime!

Briggs, Owen's big brother!

Roma and Halie - the two angels!

Ben - the cuz!

Bowen taking a sip!

Beth and Buster came for a little bit!

The bar stool gang!

The adult table!

The cake - I know, I should have made the cake myself, I had a cute idea and everything! But with school starting this week and everything, I just couldn't get it together! But it was a cute cake and Bowen loved it and it was yummy!

The kids all thought it was cool too!

Here I am lighting the candles! THREE to be exact!

Bowen was the first to dig in!

It was a great party. The kids played like there was no tomorrow and I didn't even use the games or activities I had planned! As I was putting Bowen to bed last night, I asked him if he had a good day. He said yes and then asked, "Mom can tomorrow be like today?" I guess that means he really did have a great day! Happy birthday son!

B.B.B. in B. or Bowen's Birthday Breakfast in Bed

Bowen's birthday started off with breakfast in bed...the old tried and true Call family tradition! When he heard us coming up the stairs he started singing happy birthday to himself! :) He wanted chocolate chip pancakes and apple with apple juice! This kid is easy! Here he is with his sister - they are all in their morning glory!
Bowen chilaxing and eating a little apple before he opens his gifts!

He is really into these cool Lego/Mega Block Cars things. So, his sisters each got him some. Here he is with Sheriff.

He is also getting into Star Wars and wants to watch it with Stephen all the time! (That makes Stephen happy!) So, I got him a "Darf-a-vador" shirt...his favorite character! He LOVED it!

Another cool Cars Lego thing! It's Mator!

And his big gift, Mac - Lightening's big rig! It's a Lego thing too, so now we have WAY too many pieces when things aren't all put together!

It was a great start to a great day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clair opens her schultute!

Once Clair got home from school, it was time to open the schultute and see what treats were inside!
Clair loves to draw and her new found love is how to draw books. Most are way too hard, but I found this series at Hobby Lobby and had to get her one!

This girl LOVES Tinker Bell! I think it's because they are both small and cute!

I love Clair's facial expressions!

Not sure what this face means! :)

Here she is with all her loot! She got a little mini photo album book, so, anyone who wants to be include, please send a wallet sized photo! She had a great first day and has already declared her teacher the best teacher she's ever had!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

And then there was one.... My little Clair-Bear started school today! Here she is with her cone...our German tradition!
Here Kate and Clair pose outside the school with the flowers for their teachers!

Bowen wanted to be in a photo too!

Here is our big Kindergartner! She was SO excited! She really just wanted to get to her class!

Kate runs into her buddy Giana!

Clair getting ready to enter the world of education!

Clair and her sweet teacher Mrs. Williams. I KNOW she is a great teacher! She taught with me at Summit Drive!

Kate putting up her backpack! She looked SO cute!

Kate and her cute teacher Ms. Lawson! (A Clemson grad so we KNOW she'll be good! :)
So, now it is just me and my boy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meet the Teacher

So Monday night we got to meet the girls teachers for this year! They were both excited, but Clair couldn't even sleep the night before! So, we spent the morning at the pool...had a yummy lunch...watched a dressed...then went to the school. Kate will have Mrs. Lawson for 2nd grade and Clair will have Mrs. Williams for Kindergarten (I actually taught with her at summit Drive Elementary, she is a great teacher). Here is Kate in front of the school sign!

Here is Clair! She was almost giddy with excitement.

So then I carried my camera around the school and didn't take another photo! Trying to navigate the crowded halls with three kids and saying hi to all out friends we saw, taking photos completely left my head! So, I will just have to get photos of the girls with teachers tomorrow on the first day of school! Fingers crossed for a great year!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A cool way to spend a summer day!

So, tonight we had our last weekend before school excursion! First we used the free passes to go ice skating. It was the first time for all the kids. Some did better than others! Here is our family line! The Bright cha-cha ice skating line!

Mommy helping Clair, well, trying to help! She was so mad that kids younger than her were skating better!

We were joined by our dear neighborhood friends, the Markfords! Here is Kate and Zoe!

Now, Daddy is trying to help Clair! At this point she is really mad and crying and doesn't want to skate any more!

That's my girl - she didn't give up! Clair going out to try try again!

Kate wasn't moving fast, but she didn't come off the ice once!

Mommy and Clair!

Daddy and Clair taking a break while...

Mommy helped Bowen!

When we were done skating we went to Zaxby's for dinner! Yummy! The kids all toasted to a great night of ice skating, yummy food, and ice cream!

Ice skating makes a kid thirsty!

It was a fun night! Next week - school!