Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harvest Farm Fall Festival

We spent Saturday down in Wellington, CO at the Harvest Farm. We had a blast, the kids got to pet some goats and bunnies. TJ loved riding the oversized John Deere tricycles. Elizabeth LOVED the old covered wagons full of corn kernels... she spent a TON of the time there. We attempted the Corn Maze, but the kids weren't really happy about it and it was tough too. We even picked the "shorter" maze = 30 minutes if you know your way. We took the hay ride and shot the corn cannons. I even took my hand at the pumpkin gun and almost hit the broken down van....he he he! We had a great time and they even took the kids picture in the GIANT old rocking chair. What a great way to welcome in Fall.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

No August Pics!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've updated this blog. And when I went to look at the pictures we had for August........there was nothing! I can't believe it. Well, when I went back and looked at 2007 and 2008 there were very few pictures for August in those years, as well. What is it about August that makes me think it's ok not to photograph my kids?

Well, there were a few pics. But seriously, only like 6. This is one of Alex during one of his therapy sessions. Miss Kathleen put some tape on the floor and had him jump over it. Alex, on the other hand, wanted to put the tape on his face. He thought it was war-paint.
We also took the boys out for ice cream one night. We got them their own cups and they freakin' loved it! Yesterday, we took them to Bruster's and they got the "baby cone" and it was a FLIPPIN' MESS! But so stinkin' cute when they had it all over their face and dripping down their hands. LOL! Anyway these are from Baskin Robbins.

Anyway, here are some pics we snapped since I updated in July, which by the way, seems like it was YESTERDAY! Where is this year going?

When we were in Wyoming, Maria and Tyler fed the boys spaghetti. I kept saying, "we can try but they won't eat it." Sure enough, they made a big, fat liar out of me. They loved it. So when I got home I decided I would try spaghetti on them here in SC. They ate it and LOVED it again. I guess it took Aunt Ria and Uncle Tywer giving it to them for them to realize they liked it. They got it all over their faces and it was so cute I had to take pics.

Jack and Mary Ann invite us to the lake every couple of weeks and the boys always love seeing Grandma (Gam-ma) and Grandpa (Gan-pah). Here they are all in a very intense conversation about which head gear they would use in a death match between the Super Friends and the Sesame Street characters. Or maybe Alex is just singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. I can't really remember.

Clearly, it was the headgear conversation and Alex went with silver mixing bowl as his head cover of choice.

Ben thought that was freakin' hilarious, as he chose the bare-head approach.

After the death match conversation, there was some time for some brotherly love pics. I just love it when they hug on each other. It's so sweet!

Storytime at the Simpsonville Library

We've been enjoying story time at the library. It's a great break in our week and we go with Aunt Rosalind and Bowen. There is a story and some singing and dancing. Lots of little kids and it's really fun.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodies for Grands

We are so grateful for our sweet GrandBetsy. Kate and Clair invited her to join them at the school early in the morn for Goodies for Grands! She took the time to come have breakfast with the kids at school for this celebration! Thanks GrandBetsy, you are the best! We love you tons!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Clair's Primary Class

Today in Primary Clair's class learned about prayer. The activity was to write and illustrate one thing to "thank" for and one thing to "ask". This is what Clair came up with! Seriously, I almost wet my pants right in the hallway at church. I laughed SO hard. Should I be worried my kid wants a limo? :)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Soccer Stars

The kids were all happy to start soccer club this fall. It is great because they go once a week for an hour and work on soccer skills, but there are no Saturday games! It is Bowen's first time and man was he excited! Here he is waiting to get his shirt! Look at those lips...I have to fight the urge to suck them off his cute little face!
Now he has his shirt, so they have to warm up!

Here he is practicing stopping the ball!

Now he is sitting in a large group listening to some instructions!

Bowen's soccer muscles!

Bowen went home with Stephen and the girls had their turn! Kate's group was the oldest. They played a cool game where they had to keep their ball in a certain area. If someone kicked it out, you were out!

It got down to Kate and this kid who looks to be about 5 years older than Kate. Needless to say, Kate's ball got kicked out...

Clair hooked on to this sweet little girl and she could have cared less about the soccer instruction going on around her. But here she and her "buddy" are getting divided into two different groups!

Clair stopping the ball! She's way past this...she informed me she already knew everything they talked about and was the best one in her group!

I have great memories of organized sports...I hope my kids will too!

Big Pre-School Boy Bowen

Last week, Bowen started his pre-school group. He insisted I take some photos like we did of the girls on their first day of school. Here he is showing his Hulk muscles! He was SO excited and wanted to make sure I was going to drop him off and leave him. I hope he isn't to disappointed when it is our turn to host pre-school at our house! :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Stone Mountain - on top!

I just love spending time with my family! Saturday we boarded a charter bus at GE and headed to the big city - ATL - for a fun packed day at Stone Mountain. My two handsome men waiting for the sky tram!
My family all seated waiting to ride up the mountain!

At the top!

Kate posting on top with the wild flowers!

Clair posing on top with the wild flowers!

Bowen and a tree on top!

Kate and Bowen checking out the rock on top!

Kate on top of the world!

Clair on top of the world!

My two girls!

Family photo on top of stone mountain!

The kids!

The view from the top!


It was great on top. It was cool and the wind was blowing slightly. But, we had to come down to enjoy the rest of the park.

Stone Mountain - Historical Houses

Stone Mountain has this whole historical homes area set up. It is so nice and each house is filled with authentic furnishings. They also have folks dressed up in period dress and demonstrations. Here is the plantation house. It is beautiful! The kids loved the double staircase and Kate amazed the worker lady at the top by already knowing that the men and women went up the different sides of the stairs.
The cooking house had a beautiful heirloom flower garden.

Behind the cooking house was a large fruit & veggie garden. The worker was making paper from okra, corn husk, and cotton & helped the girls make bookmarks. Here they are taking the form out of the vat!

Now they are decorating their bookmarks with flower petals, string, and old sheet music!

Now they are using a sponge to get as much water out of the paper as possible!

The whole area had big beautiful trees that would have been great for climbing, but...

This house is over 200 years old.

The girls really loved this part of Stone Mountain. Kate is still talking about the houses and about what she learned.