Friday, July 16, 2010

A day at beautiful lake Jocassee

As soon as school was out we headed off to camp with some of our neighbors for a long weekend! We were lucky to discover that some good friends of ours from church were planing on being on the lake near our camp site with their boat and sea-do. They were SO kind and great examples of good members of the church! They invited us all to join them on the lake and boated us out to a little island where they'd set up a shade tent in a little cove. Here is Clair riding off to the island with Brother Taylor - I think Clair is going to be our thrill seeker! She didn't' hesitate to jump on the sea-do and wanted to go faster! Just look at that lake - isn't it beautiful! Here is Brother Smith with the first of three boats full to ferry over to the island! Kate wanted to ride in the boat - NOT on the sea-do!
Now Bowen's turn on the sea-do!

Here we are on the island...the kids plated in the water and in the sand and just had a blast!

Bowen REALLY liked the sand! He also really liked taking a ride in the little kayak.

Clair and her little friend Zoe loved the rube ride! They kept their thumbs up to go faster the whole time!

Here is Clair after the tube ride - at which time she proclaimed -"This is the best day of my whole life!"

Kate rode on the purple scarier tube, but had the protection of her favorite YW from church, Alexis! I am so glad she has good girls to look up to that are kind and considerate!

Clair got her first sting - a wasp we think. She was "uncomfortable" for a long while...but later she said, "Even though I got stung, it was still the best day of my life!" So, no harm done I guess!

The weather got a little stormy - but man I love this place! Now the Bright family has been bit by the lake bug and we long to have a boat of our own!

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